Cheap Places to Visit in the North of England

The Yorkshire dales in the north of England

When you think of places to visit in England, you may not think of budget travelling. But, think again… There are so many cheap and beautiful places to visit in the North of England, from the Yorkshire Dales to Southport and Northumberland.

Whether you plan on staying in a flat in Leeds City Centre, in an Airbnb, or just visiting for the day, there are many wonderful places to visit in the North without breaking the bank, discover more.


First up is Leeds, a lovely and thriving city with much to see and do, no matter your budget. With fantastic Yorkshire character and culture, Leeds is full of many free or cheap attractions, simply walking along the historic streets is a great way to spend the afternoon, getting your fix of history and taking in the sights.

Leeds in the north of England

The city has many tales to tell, from Victorian buildings to grand architecture. On a nice sunny day, taking a trip to Kirkstall Abbey is a must. An impressive site set on lovely grounds, the perfect location for a picnic. One other fantastic thing about Leeds is that there are a huge host of affordable pubs and bars where you can sip the night away.


Often the more northern you go, the cheaper the prices are; from the likes of London to Northumberland, the prices are very different. There are many lovely things to see and do in this county bordering Scotland, with breathtaking beaches and big adventures to be had.

Alnick Castle in Northumberland

This region of England is often overlooked however it should not be missed, especially when wanting to find a budget place to visit in England. On a trip here, splashing the cash will not be at the top of your list, with ruinous castles to look at in awe, hills of countryside to walk, and hidden gems to be found. Northumberland should be on your list of places to visit.


Many know Liverpool for being the home of The Beatles. Why not spend your day searching the city for Beatles paraphernalia, such as for their statues at the waterfront or in the Cavern. That being said, the Albert Dock waterfront is definitely a must-see, regardless of whether you’re a fan of the band or not. 

Liverpool Albert Dock in the north of England

Wonderful attractions are abundant here, some completely free, whilst others only require a small fee.  Take a stroll along the docks, taking in the picturesque views of the water and impressive buildings. Then why not immerse yourself in more of the culture and vibrancy the city has to offer such as the free Tate museum, Sefton park, possibly ending on Matthew Street for a cheap and cheerful pint or two.


One of the northern favourites, Southport is a lovely Victorian town with a modern twist, a great place to visit for the day, or even the weekend. Southport is great for a cheap trip away with brilliant beaches, theatres, golf courses and shopping quarters.

Southport pier in England

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and make memories with friends and family in the scenic outdoors.With many free activities such as unwinding at the seaside, or taking your bike along one of their many cycling routes, Southport could be the place for you.

Yorkshire Dales

If you love adventure and surrounding yourself with nature,  a trip to the Yorkshire Dales is a must. A weekend full of fun awaits with miles of countryside, valleys, hills and moors to explore. In such a location, there is little need for the trip to be expensive.

Yorkshire dales in the north of england

There are many budget-friendly Airbnbs and hotels in the area, and exploring nature doesn’t cost a penny, making the Yorkshire Dales an ideal cheap place to visit.

Are you itching to get away but don’t want to spend too much on a holiday? Don’t fret because the North of England has got you covered. From beaches to museums and walks galore, you will be spoilt for choice for cheap places to visit in this wonderful part of the UK.

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over the beach shores of northumberland in the north of england

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