Best UK Staycation Destinations And How To Travel There

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Business trips are on the rise and holiday destinations are inundated with bookings — this must mean people are on the move in preparation for a post-COVID world.

With that said, air travel is uncertain and borders remain firmly close in many parts of the globe. In this article, we explore the staycation trend, how to save money when travelling around the UK, and where you should stay.

How to travel in the UK (business vs pleasure)

We all like to fantasise about our travel plans, but the logistics of such a trip often fall by the wayside. In this section, we explore how you can better organise your travel plans so they are more affordable and stress-free.

Travelling around the United Kingdom on holiday.

Vacations, annual leave, and school holidays are often the most obvious windows when we can see what the UK has to offer. With that said, travel does not come cheap, especially when you’re running on a tight budget during public holidays. There are many tips and tricks that make travelling around the UK more affordable, with the first of which being finding value car rental…

Running a car is expensive at the best of times, yet renting on your trip can be far worse. Even before factoring in optional upgrades — baby seats, extra days, entertainment devices — car rental company’s charge the average British driver £21 per day (or £629 per month).

The solution? Book early. Organising your rental car ahead of time won’t necessarily guarantee a cheap rate, but it will mean you secure the amenities you need. Plus, if you book late you’ll likely be left with an unsuitable car at a premium price.

Another alternative to try is hiring a motorhome. This way, your accommodation and transport costs are combined into one! You need not take on the expense of buying your own motorhome, you can use services such as Goboony to be connected with over 2000 motorhome owners in the UK for short or longer-term rental of their vehicles.

Travelling around the United Kingdom with your business.

Travelling on behalf of your business isn’t a holiday, but it remains a great opportunity to see the UK, especially if you don’t have time to book annual leave. And since you can reclaim expenses from your company, it’s also a cost-effective way to tour the country should your job allow it.

For instance, fuel cards — a credit card used for fuel payments and forecourt purchases — are a useful tool businesses use to control cash flow, but you also benefit as the card directly bills the business, meaning you never pay out of pocket.

Moreover, there is scope to extend this coverage in a post-pandemic world. After all, fuel card coverage, at least for major providers like Shell and Esso, includes other European locations such as Germany, France, and even the Republic of Ireland — so the world could soon be your oyster, even if it is anchored by the necessity of your work.

4 Best UK destinations to try in 2021

Here are some of our favourite British destinations to give you some summer inspiration this year:

Northern Ireland: Londonderry

Consider visiting the historic walled city of Londonderry — a compact cosmopolitan location that captures the unique culture of Northern Ireland in a neat bottle. It is a vibrant city home to good food, luxury boutique stores, and the hit BBC television show Derry Girls.

UK Staycation _ Londonderry NI
Londonderry // Image Credit arkanex via Getty Images/Canva

Looking to explore Northern Ireland a little further? Londonderry is also a fantastic base to explore world-renowned landmarks such as the Wild Atlantic Highway and the Causeway Coastal Route. These are known to be some of the most beautiful natural locations around the world, which makes them a perfect excuse for a road trip.

Away on business? Well, Londonderry has you covered here too. There are lots of guest houses, hotels, and self-catering accommodation set up to support your work, leaving you free to explore the city in your free time (you can even take a virtual tour).

Wales: Rhossili

Yearning for fresh sea air, clifftop treks, and long sandy beaches? Well, you can’t do much better than Rhossili — a former Wales’ Best Beach winner in 2018 that offers three miles of sandy shore and incomparable views along Worms Head.

UK Staycation - Rhosilli, Wales
The glorious Welsh coast, Rhossili Bay // Image credit leighcol via Getty Images/Canva

Rhossili certainly isn’t a metropolitan bubble, but it offers something unique: an escape to the country. The Welsh coast is among Britain’s best-kept secrets; beautiful and tranquil, Rhossili is the crown jewel, once described as the supermodel of British beaches.

Scotland: Edinburgh

From the Highlands to Loch Ness, Scotland is a stunning and diverse country that deservedly earns a spot on most travellers’ bucket lists, but if you only have time to visit one place, make it Edinburgh.

The capital presents well-preserved architecture dating back to medieval times (including Edinburgh Castle), as well as a more modern district boasting elegant townhomes, galleries, and markets.

UK Staycation - Edinburgh
Beautiful historic Edinburgh from Carlton Hill // Image Credit evenfh via Getty Images /Canva

Love music and comedy? Edinburgh is also a bustling cultural destination, with a calendar filled with large art festivals and the world-famous Edinburgh fringe festival.

England: Bristol

As the crown of the South West, Bristol stands tall with an unmistakable identity. It’s home to proud locals and creatives from all corners of the world.

UK Staycation - Bristol, England
Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol // Image Credit claudiodivizia via Getty Images/Canva

Looking for something to do? Well, Bristol requires a full itinerary just to scratch the surface. Along with mouth-watering food districts including Clifton and Wapping Wharf’s Cargo, there is also a booming nightlife and an array of festivals: Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, Love Saves The Day, Tokyo World, and Bristol Harbour Festival to name only a few.

Looking for something in winter? Why not try these picture-perfect UK Christmas destinations

Whether you’ve booked a holiday or travelling with work, staycations are the big 2021 trend. From Rhossili to Bristol — this has been our guide to staycations in the UK and how best to travel.

Uk Staycations for families - a view of Edinburgh UK

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