5 Can’t live without carry-on items

What items can you simply not survive a flight without?

After many years of travelling around the globe with our little ones since they were newborns, here’s a taster of five items I always take in my carry-on bag;

  1. Wet wipes. You can be sure whatever can be knocked over, spilt, smudged, ground in, stuck to hair etc will happen in that tiny little enclosure called your plane seat. Hands will get sticky, noses will get runny, you name it, come prepared!
  2. Extra nappies and clothes for everyone. Whatever nappies you think you will go through in the amount of time you are flying, double it, and don’t forget a change of clothing for each traveller, including at least a spare top for grown-ups as well.
  3. A fully charged iPad and headphones. No point lugging along this essential entertainment kit if it doesn’t have enough batteries; try to avoid the temptation to let it be played with before boarding time and take steps to preserve the battery like switching to airplane mode. I reckon playing games and movies on repeat you might get 8-10 hours out of an iPad battery. And for other passengers’ sake please don’t forget the headphones!
  4. Snacks. Don’t wait for the snack cart to come around or for them to poke at the kid’s meal before deciding they don’t like the majority of the contents then spreading it all over their chair, their clothes, you (see points 1 and 2 above). Bring plenty of healthy snacks, keeping emergency supplies as well in a separate pocket or bag in case of delays/fussy eating/extreme meltdown.
  5. Sleeping lovies. Don’t make the mistake of assuming they will only need their sleep time lovie when they go to bed at your destination.  If you want them to squeeze in some zzz’s, or even just to get them comfortable on the plane you better not forget that favourite toy or blanket; just don’t leave it behind, consider it part of your headcount routine after leaving every point on your travels through the airport.

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What are your can’t live without carry-on items?

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