Best Boogie Boards for Kids Summer 2024

Add to your fun in the water with a kids’ bodyboard!

My family and I have always been avid beach-goers (almost) whatever the weather! Whilst I love the sound of the crashing waves, the Globetrotters love nothing more than diving in headfirst and tackling the water. Ever since they were tiny, one of our beach essentials has been a Boogie Board.

Not only are Kids’ Boogie Boards a fun way of coasting the waves, but they also provide kids with an additional safety buffer in the water as your child builds their swimming skills. 

Many Boogie Boards are designed with younger ages in mind, so they often come with built-in safety features.  When paired with a swim vest or other PFD, they can work to reduce anxiety on your end as well. 

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Here’s a summary of our favorite body boards for kids of all ages – scroll on below for more details on each!

BrandSizing/Best ForColors/Design
Bo-Toys Body Board with EPS Core33" (approx 5 years+) and 41" teen/adultsRed, Blue, Pink
GYN Trade Heat Sealed Bodyboard33" suits riders 3' 5" and up: 42" for riders 5.5" and upMany bright patterns and two-tone solid colors
4 EVER Inflatable Surf Body Board30" - Recommended 6 years to adult (max 180lbs)Two-tone teal/blue and teal/pink
WOOWAVE BodyboardComes in 33", 36" and 41" - suits all from approx 5 years+ Blue, green, Pink, Yellow
Universal Imperium Loggerhead Body BoardComes in 33", 37" and 41" - suits all from approx 5 years+ Blue, Green, Yellow
VIAHART Swimming Kickboard17.5" - toddler +Rainbow of colors
Hubblite Mini Kickboard 21" - toddler+White, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow
The Slyde Grom Soft Top Body Surfing Handboard19" - all agesMultiple colors

Boogie Board vs Bodyboard

Before we dive in, you may be wondering what the difference is between Boogie Boards and bodyboards, as they typically generate the same products when searched on the internet. 

It really comes down to a matter of branding:  Thomas Hugh Morey was the inventor of the original Boogie Board, which he created in the early 1970s.  His products became immensely popular in subsequent years, and Boogie Board became a household name.

Given that creators of similar products could not borrow the trademarked name, the term “bodyboard” was born.  It’s common for people to refer to these boards interchangeably, since “Boogie Board” has become a commonplace term instead of a reference to the original product. 

What to look for in a good Boogie Board for kids


This is the most important factor to consider when buying a kid’s Boogie Board, and for good reason.  If you choose a board that is too large for your child, it will be hard to control in the water.  This is why most Boogie Boards have a range of sizes to suit both kids and adults. 

We have done that research for you here, but it’s important to double-check before you buy you have the right size:

  • For kids 40-65 lbs/4 feet and under – 33-inch board
  • For kids  65-85 lbs/4-5 feet – 36-38-inch board

Smaller than this, you can still look for kickboards that do a similar job- we’ll highlight some junior models below for little kids.

Features to Consider in buying a boogie board/kids’ bodyboard

Here are more features to look out for in a great kids’ bodyboard:


This is perhaps the most important feature when looking for a kids’ bodyboard.  The leash is typically a simple loop held together with velcro that can be attached to the wrist or ankle. The leash keeps your child and his or her board connected to each other, preventing the board from drifting away. This will save you hours of aggravation (and swimming). Trust me. 


Handles provide additional stability for children as they navigate the waters on their boards, but these are less common to find on Boogie Boards for kids than you may think.  Separate handles can be purchased and added on, but it’s always a plus if the board comes with them. 


Most bodyboards for kids have the same general design with some variations. One difference is usually the design of the tail, which greatly affects the manoeuvrability of the board. Based on our research, it appears that most kids’ bodyboards have a crescent shape tale design, which makes sense given that this shape adds stability to the board.


Core: The core of most bodyboards for kids is made of Extruded Polystyrene (EPS) because it is lightweight and inexpensive.  While this does make the price point much more reasonable, it does impact the durability of the board itself.  This is definitely something to keep in mind when packing and transporting. 

While most kids’ bodyboards are made of variations of the same material, some are inflatable.  These are a versatile option for both the pool and the beach, and can easily be deflated and stored in luggage for a beach vacation (handy if like us you often need to fly to your beach destination).

Product Care-Warranty

When purchasing Boogie Boards for kids, it’s important to check if a warranty is included in the purchase and any reviews for how the company has provided product care in the past.  This will help you avoid any headaches down the road should you receive a defective product or encounter other issues.

Best Boogie Boards for Kids

Best Overall Boogie Board for Kids: Bo-Toys Body Board with EPS Core

Why We Love It: One of the features that drew us strongly to the Bo-Toys BodyBoard was the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Customer care representatives are quick to respond to any issues, which is always a plus. 

What makes this the best option for kids are the multiple features that increase its durability and stamina in the water, such as Heat Lamination Technology to resist impact and a super slick bottom coated in HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene).  This kids’ boogie board is versatile enough to take anywhere and is sure to last for many seasons of aquatic adventures. 


  • Available Sizes: 33” and 41” for tweens that need a big board
  • Material: EPS Core and HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) super slick bottom
  • Tail: Crescent shape
  • Colours: Blue, Pink, Red, Green
  • 60/40 rails for maneuverability


  • Heath lamination technology offers superior strength and durability
  • Available in a variety of bright colors
  • 60/40 rails provide increased maneuverability
  • Pro Quality leash with band for either wrist or ankle
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Some customers reported that when left out in the sun, the color faded and the exterior seal began to bubble. 

* It’s always best to store your Boogie Boards in a dry part of your home, away from direct sunlight

Worth a Second Look: GYN Trade Heat Sealed Bodyboard

The GYN bodyboard claim to fame seems to be in its heat-sealed bonding process, which strengthens the overall construction of the board and allows it to be used in many different swimming environments.  We like that this kid’s Boogie Board comes in a wide range of sizes and colors, which means it can be a one-stop-shop for the whole family.


  • Available Sizes: 33” to 45”
  • Material: EPS core/lightweight, hard slick bottom
  • Tail: Crescent
  • Colours: Wide variety of colors and designs


  • Heat sealed for added stiffness and strength
  • Detachable wrist retention leash
  • Wide variety of designs and colors


  • Wrist retention leash has been known to detach or break, and some customers have had to purchase separate leashes to avoid this problem.

Best Inflatable Boogie Board: 4 EVER Inflatable Surf Body Board

While most Boogie Boards for kids are constructed of hard material, this one is actually inflatable. The fabric is especially durable and can hold air for up to 1 month if stored properly. 

The added benefit of being able to deflate the bodyboard and store it is not to be taken lightly, especially if you’re concerned about conserving space while traveling.


  • Available Sizes: 29.5 x 20.5 x 6 inches (Holds up to 180 lbs)
  • Material: Non-slip, high-density buoyant fabric
  • Tail: Crescent
  • Colours: Blue, Pink, and Multi-Colored


  • Double anti-leakage nozzles
  • Two-colour double-sized design
  • Easily folds for storage and travel
  • Woven handle straps for additional safety
  • Works well as a swim aid for beginners


  • Several customers reported confusion about advertising related to the quantity. The advertised price is only for one inflatable kid’s body board.

Best for Older Kids: WOOWAVE Bodyboard

This kids’ bodyboard is an excellent option for the older kids and teens in your family who want to ride the waves.  It is an incredibly lightweight bodyboard and is durable enough for use at beaches, rivers, or just kicking around the pool. 

The board’s construction allows for extra buoyancy and impact strength, and the 60/40 rails increase manoeuvrability in the water.


  • Available Sizes: 33”, 36”, and 41”
  • Material: EPS Core and HDPE slick bottom
  • Tail: Crescent
  • Colours: Blue, Green, Pink, and Yellow
  • 60/40 Rails


  • Water-resistant core for all wave conditions
  • Comes with a premium coiled wrist leash
  • Stylish design comes in several bright colors
  • Money-Back Guarantee and free replacement exchange for up to one year


  • Some customers reported that the blue dye of the board rubbed off on their skin

Worth a Second Look: Universal Imperium Loggerhead Body Board

The makers of Loggerhead Boogie Board for kids seem to be focused on creating a long-lasting, quality board for kids to enjoy through many seasons at the beach. 

We like that it is ideal for both beginners and experienced bodyboarders, with the construction allowing for both prone and drop knee positions. The loggerhead turtle graphic is also a distinctive touch that your kids are sure to love.


  • Available Sizes: 33”, 37”, and 41”
  • Suitable weight up to 65 lbs, 120 lbs, 188 lbs
  • Material: Combined EPS core, XPE foam deck, and slick PP bottom
  • Tail: Crescent
  • Colours: Blue, Neon Green, Yellow


  • Rigid and waterproof due to extremely durable construction
  • Quality leash and wristband keep kids securely connected to board
  • Bright colours stand out in the water
  • Rounder rails provide greater maneuverability
  • Grooves in bottom channel water for better performance
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Some sizes and colours do not offer free returns

Best Boogie Board for Younger Kids: VIAHART Swimming Kickboard

Surfing the waves might be much easier for older kids, but that doesn’t mean your younger ones have to miss out on all the fun of boogie board season!  If you’re looking for a durable board that will last your child through the toddler years (and further through that early learning to swim phase), you’ve arrived at the perfect place. 

Kickboards aren’t as large as bodyboards but allow small children to enjoy the sensation of being a bodyboarder with a smaller board that’s easy for them to grip.


  • Available Sizes: 17.5 x 13 x 1 inches (One size fits all)
  • Material: Phthalate and formaldehyde-free EVA foam
  • Tail: Crescent
  • Colours: Wide range of colours


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Well-suited for beginning swimmers
  • 90 day manufacturer warranty
  • Available in over 10 different colors
  • Handles for additional stability


  • Some customers reported a strong chemical odor upon receiving, but this went away after a few days

Toddlers can get chilly in the water long before your older kids, remember if the water is under 26°C/80°F to get a toddler wetsuit for enjoying their boogie board experience

Worth a Second Look: Hubblite Mini Kickboard

If your younger child simply insists on a more grown-up boogie board for kids, consider the Hubblite Mini Kickboard. At 21″ it’s a little more grown-up than a simple kick board, with the shape of a bodyboard, making it an excellent option for your pint-sized surfer. 


  • Available Sizes: 21 inches
  • Material: EPS core
  • Tail: Crescent
  • Colours: White, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow


  • A suitable first Boogie Board for younger children
  • Composite core adds strength and durability


  • Price point is higher than other options for a product your younger children will quickly outgrow

A Cool Body Board Alternative to Consider: The Slyde Grom Soft Top Body Surfing Handboard Board

Ever heard of a handboard? Neither had we until we started researching to upgrade our boy’s boogie boards last summer. Our mystery entry into this round up of the best kids’ boogie boards we couldn’t resist throwing in The Slyde Grom Surfing Hand Board.

A hardboard is designed for beginner bodysurfers. Just 19″ long, it is designed to help the wave rider to ride the wave faster and longer and with more control when you are bodysurfing. A bodyboard might get you deep into the pocket of a wave, but it’s still bulky; a handboard gives a rider even more maneuverability and control.

You don’t ride on top of it, but use it to plan where you’re going and pop your body up as you ride a wave to shore.


  • Available Sizes: 19 x 10 x 2 inches
  • Material: High-density foam core and tough IXL outer foam
  • Colours: 5 styles to choose from


  • Super light its easy to pack in your backpack or beach bag
  • Specially designed with the complete novice or beginner in mind
  • Superb in waves up to 5 foot for your older kids that really want to ride the waves


  • Call us old fashioned, but it’s still not a boogie board! If your kids are more interested in splashing about in the waves, then get a full-size bodyboard to suit their height. If they actually want to learn to surf and really ride the waves, this could be your product this summer!

Boogie Board Storage Bags

There are storage bags made for Boogie Boards, but as you’ll see, they generally cost more than the board and are designed for larger adult-sized boards.

We have taken it with a grain of salt that whatever Boogie Board for kids you incest in, they won’t last forever. Do bear this in mind when you’re working out the cost-benefit of getting a bodyboard bag to bring your kit travelling with you.

Boogie Boarding is a fun and engaging beach day activity for children of all ages to learn, and it’s a wonderful way to improve their existing swimming skills as well.  We’re confident that these kids Boogie Board options will help you and your family create wonderful beach memories for years to come. 

FAQs about kids’ Body Boarding

What age can kids use boogie boards?

This can really be dependent on the child and their upper body strength and weight but generally speaking, around 4 to 5 years of age they will be ready for the smaller, 33″ style of kids’ boogie board

Are boogie boards the same as bodyboards?

Yes, a Boogie board is the original brand name given by its inventor Tom Morey, but a boogie board is a type of body board, the names are used interchangeably.

Are boogie boards good for kids?

Absolutely. With the right supervision (as you should with kids anywhere near water) bodyboards are a great beach toy. Younger children can still enjoy trying to paddle or float in shallow water, whilst older children can learn how to ride small waves or simply enjoy the sensation of floating.

How do I choose the right size Boogie Board?

We give a broad guide here that children under 4 feet should look for a 33″ board, whilst under 5′ you probably want a 36 to 38″ board.

Do you need fins to boogie board?

They’re certainly not a necessity for a child that just wants to splash about but if your child wants to enhance their skills, they’re definitely going to give them an advantage in catching the best waves.

More beach gear to consider for kids

As if you don’t have enough to carry to the beach already! A beach vacation can undeniably come with a lot of kit, but many items are essential – while others (like Boogie Boards!) – just add to the fun in the sun and are worth making extra space for.

Before you head off on your beach vacation, make sure you also check out:

  • Best Kids Wetsuits – if your water is on the chilly side you may struggle to get your little one in unless they have the extra warmth and protection provided by a wetsuit
  • Best beach sun tents – especially with younger children spending a full day at the beach you’ll want that extra sun protection from a beach tent of canopy
  • XXL Family Beach Bags – you need something to carry all this gear in now, right? An extra-large beach bag might be your solution

Anything else you think we’ve missed? Head on over now to the ULTIMATE BEACH PACKING LIST – we have a free printable guide there for everything you should need for a full day out at the beach with kids.

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