Top 10 best beach blankets for the whole family

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Ready to get outdoors again and hit the beach? Squeezed into your bathers, sunscreen slapped on, the next most important thing you need is a good quality beach blanket big enough to fit all the family (and all your beach gear!)

Before choosing your family beach blanket, there are many criteria to consider including dimensions, material and colour. Whether round, rectangular, cotton or linen, when you’re travelling with kids it’s time to think about practicality over looks (but don’t worry, even practical beach blankets are pretty cool these days!)

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Features to look for in a large family beach blanket

If you are not using a family beach tent (which we would highly recommend if you are travelling with an infant), then staking your territory and having a clean, dry spot to sit with your beach blanket is the next best thing.

Gone are the days of pulling out your old fleece picnic rugs and doubling them up for using at the beach. No more soggy sand-filled mess, the latest trend in beach blankets is no fuss waterproof, sand-proof and heat resistant materials that fold up inside your beach bag. Here’s exactly what you should look for:

Material – the main type of materials you will see used in waterproof beach blankets is either 190T/210T Polyester or Ripstop Nylon. Nylon has a slightly crinklier appearance to it and is fractionally lighter.

If you want the extra comfort of padding (great for those slightly more undulating surfaces) then this will, of course, add a little more weight to the product.

Anchoring – Some very basic beach blankets will only use sand pockets in the corner to weigh them down. Experience tells us these sorts of blankets will fly away in minutes. You will definitely need robust sand pegs with your purchase (most come with 5.5″ to 6″ pegs but consider in investing in something longer and more robust if you spend a lot of time outdoors).

Weight – this will vary spending on the thickness of the material. There will always be a little compromise between the size, the quality of the pegs and the total weight. Don’t forget to add to the total weight with the pegs (and possibly a small rubber mallet for hammering the pegs in depending on your surface) when comparing products.

Cost – you should expect to pay between roughly $20 to $40 for a good quality and versatile waterproof beach blanket. A worthy investment when you think how much you’ve likely spent on family travel paraphernalia over the years!

Our Top 10 Large Beach Blankets for Families

We’ve summarised the key features of our favourite beach blankets here, but keep reading for more of the features we love our selection of the top 10 best beach blankets for the whole family.

Wekapo Sand Free Beach BlanketRipstop nylon10' x 9'0.87 lbs
Three Donkeys Extra Large Picnic & Beach Blanket190T polyester 6.6' x 6.6'2.6 lbs
Mumu Sugar Sand Free Beach BlanketWater Resistant Top (Polyester) & Waterproof Bottom (PVC)6.9' x 6.6'0.55 lbs
ISOPHO Beach Blanket210T polyester6.9' x 6.5'0.78 lbs
GUNOZE beach blanket210T polyester7.4' x 6.6'0.68 lbs
AISPARKY Beach Blanket Ripstop Nylon6.7' x 6.5'0.75 lbs
UrbanEco Outdoors Lightweight Beach Blanket Polyester8.9' x 6.4' 1.1 lbs
Alchilalart Beach BlanketsRipstop nylon6.9' x 6.6'
AWAVO Sand Free Beach BlanketRipstop Nylon6.9' x 6.5'0.68 lbs
BMHNOONE Sand Free Beach Blanket210T polyester6.8' x 6.6'0.6 lbs

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Wekapo Sand Free Beach Blanket

This is the biggest beach blanket on the market, comfortably fitting 7 adults. It weighs a mere 14 oz and comes with six metal stakes in a pouch for four anchor loops (you will have two spare ones just in case).

This beach blanket is designed with four corner pockets that can be utilized for storage or sand anchor. Attractively coloured, this blanket is made of breathable and lightweight ripstop nylon. You can just shake the blanket, and it effortlessly gets rid of all the sand at once.

It has been triple stitched for supreme strength and durability. You can utilize this blanket as a picnic blanket, relax on the beach during vacation, hiking/camping, or simply hang out with friends or family in a garden or backyard – a great all-rounder worthy of the investment and our top pick for big families.

Three Donkeys Machine Washable Extra Large Picnic & Beach Blanket

This beach blanket is made of three layers, durable 190T polyester fabric on the top, 80G soft sponge layer in the middle, and a waterproof 210D oxford bottom. It has thickened and durable fabric, effortlessly comfortable for people with different weights.

This beach blanket is machine washable due to its cotton fixing processing, or you could effortlessly shake & wipe off dirt, mud, wet grass, and beach sand – it conveniently folds and rolls back into itself.

This blanket is suitable for six to eight adults and is our top pick for those looking for a little bit of extra comfort with their beach blanket.

GUNOZE beach blanket

Made of sturdy 210T parachute anti-tear polyester this is a sturdy beach blanket option – sand-free, and waterproof. It is quick-drying and machine washable.

Super easy to travel with as it folds into its own lightweight pouch, it also comes with 4 anchor stakes and has sand or valuables pockets in the corners. Not only ideal for the beach but also can also use for your next family picnic, camping, park trip, sports events and open-air festivals. It is our favourite value pick beach blanket.

ISOPHO Beach Blanket

This beach blanket is a comfortable fit for 3-5 adults and weighs in at just 12oz/0.35kg. This 210T polyester blanket is stitched in orange and grey with its own patented technology, you don’t need to worry about rips or damage. It is easy to simply shake off the sand and is machine washable.

Equipped with four fixed anchors, you don’t have to worry about the beach blanket being disturbed by wind and sand, and can enjoy a more pleasurable day at the beach.

Mumu Sugar Sand Free Beach Blanket

This beach blanket is made of 100% ripstop nylon with a water-resistant top, and waterproof bottom. It is long-lasting, foldable, and lightweight with its own carry bag and four anchors. It can easily be washed by hand or is also machine washable.

This superior quality 210T polyester beach blanket is sewn with its own patented technology and offers you many places to put your valuables, including a pocket with buckles to store your phone, keys, sunglasses, sunscreen, or other beach gears.

UrbanEco Outdoors Lightweight Beach Blanket

These beach blankets are gigantic and made with fun patterned breathable material. This beach blanket is double anchored so that it shouldn’t blow away, even on breezy days. Included are 6 plastic sand stakes (5.5″) to hold everything in place along with valuables pockets and a handy carry pouch, leaving you free to enjoy the sun.

AISPARKY Beach Blanket Sandproof Waterproof for 4-7 Persons

This beach blanket kit consists of one sand proof beach blanket, four durable ABS anchors stakes, one Carabineer, and a handy carry bag. You just need to shake the blanket to get rid of sand from a beach blanket.

This beach blanket is made from nylon fabric materials, sturdy and breathable water repellent, and is easy to clean.

Alchilalart Beach Blankets

This beach blanket is completely sand-free and waterproof. You can just shake the blanket and the sand brushes right off along with the water beads. This beach blanket can be effortlessly folded down into the attached 5.1 inches × 6.3 inches carry bag and includes 8 anchor stakes. This beach blanket is made from quick-drying, breathable ripstop nylon.

SEGOAL Sand Free Beach Blanket

This 10′ x 9′ sized beach blanket will comfortably fit seven adults are weighs in at just 1.6 lbs. The beach blanket is made of Parachute Ripstop Polyester, which is waterproof and fast dry. It supports machine washing and it will dry quickly without fading in the wash. Comes with its own handy carry bag and corner loops for securing to the ground.

BMHNOONE Sand Free Beach Blanket

This waterproof and sand-free beach blanket is extra-large (82″x 79″) but still has a lightweight design (0.6 lbs), which is perfect for family & friends when beaches, camping, picnics, and hiking. It includes 4 anchor stakes and a carabiner.

Before you go – extra accessories you may need

Whilst most of these products do come with their own anchoring sand pegs, depending on the surface you are trying to dig into and how windy it is, you may find yourself wanting some longer, heavier duty sand pegs. Years of camping in the soft desert sand has taught us you need something at least 9″ long on a soft surface to truly battle the wind.

The larger sand pegs may also require a mallet for hammering in (if not the back of someone’s flip flop!)

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