Top 10 U.S Destinations for Summer Bike Riding

US Cycling Destinations

Pack your helmet and get set to enjoy these outdoor adventures

Delighted to introduce to the blog today Cecil, an avid bike rider and mum of two who I met from Oregon in the USA. She shares with us her favourite destinations for cycling across the United States of America. 

The USA boasts a diversified selection of geographical areas. If you want to behold the best the natural treasures of America, going on a summer bike adventure in one of the most popular biking destinations can be a perfect option. Here are some of the best destinations you should consider for your next summer bike adventure:

Portland in Oregon

In the entire USA, Portland has the biggest number of cyclists per capita. This means that in no other city in the US do you find as many riders as you find here. The city authorities have not been left behind either as they have established many miles of cycling trails.

One of the most popular cycling destinations in Oregon is Forest Park. Casual as well as expert riders take to this city whenever they can and because there are so many coffee shops, they ride and drink in turns. Other cities in the US have learned how to increase biking from Portland. By going there, you will be riding on some of the best bike trails in the nation.

Best US Cycling Destinations Diamond Lake Oregon

New York City in New York

Considering the traffic mayhem that is experienced in New York City, it can be hard to imagine that you would find a space for your two wheels. Many cycling enthusiasts who have been to NYC though always go back for more.

There are miles upon miles of very safe bike lanes and there are so many things to see. In addition, you do not have to bring your bike. Just rent one from any of the more than 300 bike stations in the city. Battery Park is a favorite cycling destination and so is Hudson River Greenway, which is closed to motorists.

San Francisco in California

San Francisco has so many things for a cycling enthusiast to see from the top of his bike. From the Golden Gate Bridge to Painted Ladies, there is more than an eyeful for every rider here. Besides, there are thousands of miles of bike lanes. For those who love to ride off the beaten path, there are thrilling trails to try their wheels at.

Being a city that is nestled near some awesome-looking rolling hills, the invite is too hard to resist. You can rent a bike at any of the many stations available and there are thousands of cheap hybrid bikes for hire.

Best US Destinations for cycling

Washington in DC

Traffic mayhem is real in Washington DC but it does not affect the cyclists who have their dedicated lanes. In fact, cycling is the best way for you to see this great city. You can attempt any section of the more than 180 miles worth of bike lanes in this city.

With more than 2000 bikes for rent at different stations, you know this is where you want to be if you would like to have a thrilling time on your wheels. Besides, Washington is so beautiful in summer. For the very daring, taking the C&O Canal that runs along the Potomac River to Maryland is irresistible.

Boulder in Colorado

Get to any Boulder B Cycle station, get a bike and then head to any of the city’s most outstanding trails where you will have the fun of your life. Boulder is one of the most renowned cycling destinations in the USA, mostly because of its incredible weather as it experiences more than 300 days of sunshine throughout the year.

Whether you want a regular or a mountain bike, you will get both in Boulder. With the sunshine in your hair, a local beer coursing through your bloodstream and the Rockies in the background, Boulder bike paths are a dream-come-true for any cycling enthusiast.

Minneapolis in Minnesota

Coming hot on the heels of the number one cycling city in the US – Minneapolis is one incredible city for riders. It has more than 120 miles of bike lanes and the bike-share program called Nice Ride Minnesota is indication enough that the city authorities are determined to make a rider out of you.

Minneapolis is cold in winter, but during summer, hopping on the saddle and catching sights like the Stone Arch Bridge is a good adventure. Besides, the topography of Minneapolis is flat and whittling by on two wheels is a good idea.

Louisville in Kentucky

Kentucky is not only known for its equine races, but it is also a good summer cycling destination. You must make sure you ride on the Louisville Loop which is a 100 miles of trails that have been designed in such a way that they can link up the entire city in future. They have a bike-sharing program from where you can pick a bike and if you like, you may also ride up to the pedestrian bridge that connects to Indiana over the Ohio River.

Santa Fe in New Mexico

The city of Santa Fe is a rider’s paradise. It nestles below the Sangre De Cristo Mountains and the good thing about the city is that it offers quite a lot of indoor tourist attractions as well as hundreds of outdoor attractions.

Among some of the best things that you can do in this city include cycling on the routes that have been designed by the Metropolitan Planning Organization of Santa Fe and the best parts of the bikeways include the Turquoise Trail which has been attracting riders for more than 20 years.

Fredericksburg in Texas

With more than 20 roads where you can ride, each one measuring not less than 15 miles, you know that Fredericksburg is an exciting place to visit if you would love to have a great time on your bicycle.

The rural roads are beautiful, some of them riding through vineyards and the climate is pleasantly warm. You will be riding through the Hill Country, which means that land between San Antonio and Austin, and it is some of the most beautiful counties in Texas.

Chicago in Illinois

To close this list of the top summer cycling destinations in the US is Chicago, which was named America’s Best Bike City by Bicycling Magazine in 2016. With the Loop Link that offers bike lanes with bicycle traffic signs right in the central business district of Chicago, you definitely want to ride in this city.

Every year, Chicago builds miles of bike lanes to encourage its people to ride. The Monday Night Ride that starts at 11.00PM to dawn shows you just how ingrained cycling is in the culture of this city.

US Best destinations for Bike Riding Chicago

You can find our complete guide to exploring Chicago with your family here.

Biking gear you need

If you are an avid bicycle rider, maybe you already have experienced cycling in these destinations. If you are a woman, having one of these women’s bikes can make your summer biking adventure enjoyable.

There are bikes for men to choose from for your male counterpart as well. Have the best bike and necessary accessories to enjoy an unforgettable biking adventure this summer.

Thanks to Cecil for sharing this information – so many bike-friendly cities I did not know about!  Do you have any more favourite locations in the US for bike riding?

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