7 Tips for Vacationing with Young Kids

Young children playing on the beach with their parents looking off to the distance

Some people mistakenly believe that a family trip with a child always looks like a picture from an advertisement: happy parents, no less happy child against the background of fabulous landscapes.

Behind those glossy smiling images on Instagram, you can be sure there’s been more than enough tears, stress, and worry, as let’s be honest, traveling with young kids is HARD!

Not impossible, of course; we wouldn’t have traveled to five continents with our kids if it was. We have certainly learned a few tricks to make travel with infants and toddlers much easier.

Today we give 7 tips on how to go on a trip with your child and not go crazy.

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Accurately Determine the Destination and Format of the Trip

First of all, parents need to determine exactly where and how they want to go. We start from this, determining the needs of adults and children on the move.

For example, with a young child, many formats, such as flying with young children or cruises may feel too daunting. The most comfortable trip might be in your own car or in a comfortable train compartment. You don’t need to go too far from home for a family vacation.

One of the crucial things is to choose the right compact stroller for traveling, for instance, the Yoyo stroller. With a big unfolded stroller, you are at risk of leaving it somewhere simply because it’s too big to enter anywhere, so choose your travel stroller wisely. 

Investigate the Destination in Advance

The next thing you need to do is carefully study all the places at your chosen destination. What cafes, parks, museums, and children’s attractions are there, and in what price range?

You will feel much more comfortable and calm with all the necessary information in advance – but this doesn’t mean you should itinerary plan down to the minute! You are better off having a list of ideas and a rough idea of where you want to head every day than a set schedule.

Choose Accommodation Wisely

This point should be taken seriously as it can make or break a family vacation. Don’t focus too much on the number of stars or attractive photos on a website when choosing a hotel; you must study former guests’ reviews carefully, especially those who have visited with children.

Pay special attention to the availability of options for children. For example, is there kids’ dining options, cots or extra beds available, high chairs, kids’ clubs, or activity rooms that can be used?

Also, think about location. Hotels or vacation houses further out of town will likely be cheaper but are there easy transport connections to the main attractions? Will you be able to take your strollers on public transport, or would you prefer to be in easy walking distance of all you want to see and do?

A baby in a red stoller with a sun hat and pacifier

Think About What Your Child Will Eat

Have a good plan in place in place for when and how you will feed your young children. Not all restaurants and dining establishments will have kid-friendly options such as a children’s menu or high chairs so they can easily join you at the table.

It’s always wise to bring baby food with you (easy squeezy packets are the best for this!), so you have a backup plan should the hangry’s hit, and you can’t find anywhere suitable to eat. And it should go without saying, always have a healthy supply of snacks on hand.

Take Money for the Unforeseen

Set aside some money other than what you spent on purchasing the trip. Absolutely any situation can arise, and even if you are insured, you may need to pay cash up front in difficult situations.

Think of Fun on the Road

So that the holiday does not become hard work, prepare plenty of games for when you’re on the road and out and about. These can be simple coloring pages, water-wow books for your toddlers, or fun sensory tools.

Take a good supply of your baby’s favorite toys and download cartoons to your smartphone in case of emergency entertainment needs!

It’s Not Only About Quantity

You should not try to go around all the sights in a short period of time. If your child is small, they simply will not remember all of these trips, so why make yourself wildly tired?

Don’t forget about your child’s daily routine. Make plenty of time for rest and downtime, even on busy city trips, so you can all enjoy your vacation time together.

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