7 Travel Tips For A Perfect Family Trip

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As the pandemic lifts, many things return to normalcy. Some enjoy the experience of restarting business, shopping, and outdoor dining, whereas some aim for a road trip with family and pets.

There are many things to firm up before going on a family trip post-COVID. Doctor’s clearance for the travel ahead, air tickets, passport, room booking, eatables’ arranging, safety, and security are just some of the things you need to pay attention to.

Travelling is an overwhelming experience. Implementing the family trip needs foresight and planning to make your travel go easy and stress-free. Here are some tips to help you efficiently plan and prepare for your family trip.

1.  Make Your Reservations Well In Time.

A family trip calls for planning several things, such as road trips or air travel, hotel reservations, and sightseeing tickets. Knowledge of local language, culture, and regional attractions is also a plus point while thinking of a family trip. 

With several countries opening up their borders for travellers, browse the internet for places you could take your family for a week-long or a quick trip. When travelling by the road, get your land rover roof rack tent checked by car technicians for a trouble-free journey.

Also, get your family’s COVID health check-up and any PCR testing requirements done for a worry-free vacation.

2.  Keep Your Travel Papers In Order.

Whether it is car papers or rail and air tickets, their security is of the utmost, especially when you have kids accompanying you for the family trip. They should be handy and within your reach.

Tuck your travel documents in a passport holder or a sling bag so that they are handy and safe with you. Carry xerox copies of your travel and visa papers, and avoid keeping all the originals in different travel bags to prevent confusion and misplacement.       

3.  Don’t Forget The First-Aid Kit.

First Aid Family Travel Health

Travelling light is a practical thing. A first-aid kit is one of the key travel essentials you must have, irrespective of the travel duration. Pack hand sanitisers, reusable face masks, and medicated tissue papers for travel.     

Aside from the basic first aid kit, take medications for family members with special needs. For example, an inhaler for an asthmatic patient in the family or diabetic test strips to test blood sugar.

4.  Take Along Books, a Camera, And Entertainment.

Travel is about creating memories. Digital devices like tablets, a headphone or a game on your phone promise entertainment on the go. They also help you pass the time on your journey.

Books can be your best friend, philosopher, and guide on your family trip. Read books on a Kindle, or stay glued to your paperback. Carrying puzzle books and word games will also sharpen your thinking power on your family trip. Record the places, moments, and family bonding with your digital camera and post it on your blogs and social sites.   

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5.  Use Plastic Money More Than Cash.

Stack of credit cards - go cashless when you travel

Digital wallets are making convenient and instant payments a trend, particularly in COVID times. When you are on a family trip, use less cash and more cards to avoid losing your hard-earned money. Look for local shops that honour local currency.   

International credit and debit cards are the safest way to pay at retail stores and restaurants in a foreign land. Carry petty cash for highway refreshments and any unplanned purchases during the trip. Keep your cards safe during the journey; count the cards you are taking and keep checking them in your handbag for safety’s sake. If your children are older, then free kid-friendly debit cards are a great option to give them more responsibility and help manage their own spending.

6.  Pack In Road-Trip Snacks And Juices.

Road-tripping is tiresome and trying for the parents and little ones. Work out your food breaks on the highway. Put reusable water bottles in your vehicle and fill them at every pit stop. Pack fresh fruits and nibbles like apple and cucumber slices, cut carrots, and sliced bell peppers.

Dry fruits like almonds, cashews, and blueberries are easy to carry and belly-filling. Carry separate containers of dry fruits and fresh fruits for the road. Pack 100% juice pouches for on-road refreshments.

Popcorn is a perfectly healthy snack for kids and adults. Make provision for the special dietary needs of children and the elderly for the journey. 

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7.  Explore Public Transportation.

Depending on your destination, shipping your car is ideal if you are doing interstate travel or for overseas, consider trying public transportation to move around. Travelling to a foreign city, public transport is cheaper and easier than driving a big car and getting lost. It also adds a fresh new perspective to your family trip.

Riding a tuk-tuk, and taking the subway are new ways to experience the local charm and get around and mix up easily with foreign inhabitants. You will also get plenty of time to look at and feel the place you are visiting.                      


Consider your children’s needs and interests when deciding upon the family trip destination. Look for destinations with an amusement park or some form of family-friendly attraction that are convenient. Talk to your friends and networking community for family destination ideas. Set proper expectations for the family vacation and work around it to make it fun and memorable. 

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