15 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Belfast

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Introducing Guest Blogger Josh Band From A Backpacker’s World

Belfast is a city packed with things to do. Whether it’s a night out or afternoon tea, Belfast has a bit of everything.

But there are also lots of things to do with kids in Belfast. It’s been the city I’ve called home for the last 18 years, so I’m here to tell you all of the best things to do with a “wean” in Belfast.

These are things that I did myself growing up too! So without further ado, let’s get into the best things to do in Belfast with kids.

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Things to Do in Belfast with Kids

1. Have fun at W5

One of the best things to do in Belfast with kids and some of my favourite memories from my childhood was having fun at W5. It’s an interactive science discovery centre with tons and tons of exhibitions. Spending a few hours at W5 is a great way to combine fun with learning.

And whether it’s pretending to be a supermarket cashier, playing tug of war, or trying to build a water dam, kids of all ages are guaranteed to have fun at W5. Even now, as an adult, I still enjoy going with younger family members!

2. Visit Belfast Zoo

Belfast Zoo is one of the best animal experiences in Northern Ireland, and it’s the perfect day out with kids. You can easily spend a full day here, as the zoo is pretty hilly, meaning you won’t want to rush around – unless you’re running the annual 5k run around the zoo, then kudos where it’s due!

Kids love zoos, and Belfast Zoo is especially good for kids as there are lots of photo opportunities, and all of the signs and branding of the zoo are very cartoony. 

OG 15 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Belfast - Belfast Zoo

3. Play at Cavehill Country Park

One of the best things to do in Newtownabbey, a suburb of Belfast, is to go to Cavehill Country Park. It was always one of my favourite play parks growing up. It has quite literally everything a child could dream of…it’s huge! It’s also completely free, which is an added bonus if you are on a budget. Kids can be expensive, right?

If your children are particularly active, they may wish to hike to the top of Cave Hill for a beautiful view over Belfast and beyond.

OG 15 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Belfast - Cavehill Country Park

4. Learn something at the Ulster Museum

Although the word museum usually screams “BORINGGG” to a kid, Ulster Museum is pretty fun to visit, or at least I thought so as a child. As soon as you walk through the doors, there is a dinosaur skeleton, so that’s possibly a reason why. But you can also see a real-life mummy, lots of guns, lots of stuffed animals, and a bird-watching area. These were the main selling points of the younger me.

OG 15 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Belfast - Ulster Museum

5. Play some mini golf at Lost City Adventure Minigolf

Just outside of the centre of Belfast, at Cityside Retail Park, is Lost City Adventure Minigolf. It’s an indoor mini golf course which is really modern, and I wish I had it growing up; it opened when I was around 15. From my knowledge, kids love mini golf and this is definitely one of the best in NI. It’s affordable too, and they offer deals for family passes.

6. Go axe throwing at Black Axe Throwing

There are lots of things to do at Cityside, and another one of them is Black Axe Throwing. If your kids are a bit older (16+) then axe throwing is an incredibly fun and unique option. It’s not something you do every day, but it’s definitely something that will be enjoyed. And don’t worry. It’s completely safe. The instructors teach you how to throw, and there are protocols in place to keep everyone involved safe.

7. Make sweets at Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory

Another of the best things to do in Belfast with kids is to make sweets at Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory. I can’t begin to tell you how many memories I have of this place. It’s magical. From a child’s perspective, it’s a real-life Wonka factory. You get to see how traditional sweets (candy) are made and get to give it a go yourself. The best bit is you get to take some home at the end.

8. Enjoy a day at Streamvale Farm

If you prefer a farm over a zoo, then Streamvale Farm is the farm you are looking for. Just a short drive from the city centre, Streamvale Farm is the best open farm I’ve ever been to. There are so many animals to see and get up close to, with lots of feeding and holding opportunities.

Also, if you visit at the right time of the year, they have puppies for you to cuddle!!! But there are also loads for kids, with multiple play areas and barrel rides to enjoy.

OG 15 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Belfast - Streamvale Farm

9. Get bouncy at We Are Vertigo

We Are Vertigo is guaranteed fun. It’s as simple as that. I used to love going growing up. There’s no debating it’s one of the best things to do in Belfast with kids. There’s a huge inflatable park, which is essentially a bouncy castle wonderland. It’s soooo fun. And there is also a ninja master course, where your kids can try their hand at an obstacle course like seen on Ninja Warrior.

10. Enjoy a walk through the Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens of Queens University Belfast are a really nice place to go for a walk, have a picnic or simply explore with a young and curious mind. As a kid, I used to love being taken here, and it’s equally as nice as a grown-up too. The Palm House was my favourite as it was cool seeing cacti, palm trees and other things which I would only have seen in TV shows otherwise.

OG 15 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Belfast - Botanic Gardens (1)

11. Visit the Ulster Transport Museum

If your children are like I was, they love cars, trains, buses, pretty much anything that moves. And the perfect place for kids like that is the Ulster Transport Museum, which has 100s of vehicles from over the years of all different modes of transport. Being able to step onto steam trains or classic London buses was pretty cool as a child, and it’s still pretty cool for me now, to be honest. It’s right next door to the Folk Museum, but it’s less fun for kids, in my opinion.

Nothing beats a movie, and that’s why heading to Cineworld to catch the latest releases is one of the best things to do in Belfast with kids. It’s in the Odyssey which is where W5 is too, so it’s a great place to spend a day. As well as a cinema, the Odyssey also has bowling, arcades and a few restaurants too.

13. Try and complete an escape room

Like the axe throwing, this one is for the older kids. Escape rooms are a great way to bond and have fun as a family, so trying your luck to escape one of Belfast’s many escape rooms may be an option to consider. Personally, I love the rooms at Timescape. There are lots of different themes and difficulties to choose from, so you can choose one that suits everyone best. Note that some may have an age requirement.

14. Read some books at Belfast Library

Belfast Library is a beautiful building, and the inside is beautiful too, but for a different reason. It’s filled with bookshelves upon bookshelves, and there’s a book for everyone. No matter what age your child is or what they’re interested in, you’ll find a book to keep them busy at Belfast Library. There’s also a young children’s area specifically, and there are sometimes group reading sessions on too.

OG 15 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Belfast - Belfast Library

15. Take a tour of Belfast

Again, this one is for older children. If your kids are interested in history, then you might want to take a tour of Belfast. There are lots of options to choose from, and most of them will cover the complex history of Belfast and the Troubles.

Make sure you do your research and only book a tour if you know your children would be interested and/or old enough, as some of Belfast’s history is a bit unpleasant. Well, very unpleasant, to be honest. But it’s exciting to learn about if your kids are interested.

Things to do in Belfast with kids: Conclusion

And there you have it, a complete guide to things to do in Belfast with kids.

Whether you choose to visit W5 or bounce at We Are Vertigo, there are so many great things to choose from, and no matter which you choose, you’re guaranteed to keep the kids happy.

So get out there and have some fun 🙂

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