5 Best Places To See In Tanzania with Kids

Although Tanzania is known for being a wildlife destination, there is so much more to it such as the protected marine reserves and the ancient sites.

You will find pristine beaches with turquoise water, bound to make your eyes pop out. Therefore, setting up Tanzania as your next travel destination is going to be a wise decision. Let’s discuss the process of getting there and what you need to give your eyes a taste of. 

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e-Visa To Tanzania

The Immigration Commission of Tanzania, in November 2018, decided to introduce the e-Visa system. As a result, travellers can apply online when planning to travel to Tanzania.

This means that travellers do not need to make any visit to the Embassy or deal with a tremendous amount of paperwork. You can apply for an e-Visa just by sitting at home, within a few minutes.

How to get a visa for Tanzania online? Well, the application process could not be more simple. Use your phone, laptop, tablet, PC, or any other device with an internet connection and apply within a few minutes from home! An e-Visa to Tanzania arrives straight to your e-mail address.

Once you have your visa ready, make sure to visit these 5 best places in Tanzania with your kids!

Top Attractions of Tanzania to visit with your kids:

1. Lake Manyara

The Lake Manyara National Park has two-third of its share covered by water featuring the same name. As a result, this area happens to be home to thousands of flamingoes and other wildlife animals.

You will come across almost everything from birds to land giants such as hippos. Overall, it’s an ideal location for canoe safaris and bird watching. Make sure to take a family visit to this exciting place to encounter some amazing wildlife species and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding the Lake Manyara.

2. Matema Beach

Matema Beach is situated on the Lake Malawi and experiences comparatively less tourist traffic. However, it offers extreme tranquillity surrounded by a beautiful setting.

In other words, Matema Beach is a heavenly spot for swimming located on the foothills of the Livingstone Mountains. Try some exercising and go on a hike to the nearest waterfall. All children will be amazed by the beauty of Matema Beach. Spending time in a less crowded destination makes travelling stress-free and offers more space for family activities.

3. The Prison Island

Also known as Changuu Island, the prison island was once the location for convicted prisoners. It is one of the most visited places in Tanzania, home to a Giant Aldabra tortoise colony alongside the other endangered species.

These species were presented as a gift from the government of Seychelles and arrived from Zanzibar. Some can be more than 100 years old and live peacefully with other animals such as peacocks and butterflies.

Visiting this location serves as another great lesson about the environment and the surrounding wildlife.

4. The Jozani Forest

The Jozani Forest remains one of the last remaining sanctuaries in the world for the red colobus monkey. It holds significant importance when it comes to the top attractions of Tanzania.

Covering approximately 2000 hectares of a coral rag forest, ground-water forest, and a salt marsh area, this is ideal for a mangrove swamp to thrive. However, other animals also share the forest, such as sykes, bushbabies, and Ader’s duiker.

The whole of Tanzania makes a great opportunity for tourist to encounter, admire, and learn about the wild animals living there.

5. Mount Kilimanjaro

Once you catch a glimpse of the snowcapped peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro, you will like to spend the rest of the day staring at it. It happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage site, and as it rises, it changes from farmland to rainforest and alpine meadows. 

Should you want to visit the National Park of Kilimanjaro and climb the mountain, it is advised that the children visiting it are 12 and over. However, the minimum age at which children can visit is 10.

Final words on Tanzania

Tanzania does not hold back when it comes to remarkable attractions, it just needs some careful planning and you can have an incredible family vacation experience.

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