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If you choose to fly to Orlando for your Disney vacation, you will likely fly into one of two Orlando area airports: Orlando International Airport or Sanford International Airport.

While Orlando International Airport (MCO) is probably the most popular choice of airports to fly into when visiting the Orlando area, another great choice nearby is the Sanford Airport (SFB).

Today, we will be sharing with you everything you may need to know about traveling from Sanford International Airport to Disney World. If you are planning an upcoming trip, you will feel prepped and ready to book those flights by the end of this article!

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How Far is Sanford International Airport to Disney World?

Sanford International Airport is roughly 42 miles northeast from Walt Disney World Resort, and depending on traffic and your mode of transportation, you can expect about 45 minutes to an hour of travel time between the two destinations.

There are multiple routes that will get you to Disney in around the same amount of time, but no matter which route you select to take, you can expect to pay at least one toll when traveling from SFB to Disney. It’s important to note that you will either need a SunPass, or cash, or you may use the toll-by-plate option to pay for your toll fees.

Why Choose Sanford International Airport?

With it being a 45-minute drive to Disney from SFB compared to the 20-minute drive that you will have from MCO to Disney, you may be wondering, why would I choose Sanford International Airport? Well, there are a number of reasons that many travelers prefer to use SFB when making their travel plans.

  • SFB is significantly smaller than MCO, so you will find there are fewer crowds, making it easier to navigate through the airport quickly, which can be a huge time saver.
  • For reference, MCO is the busiest airport in the state of Florida and in the top 10 in the entire United States, with over 50 million passengers passing through its doors yearly, compared to SFB, which has about 3.5 million passengers on average each year.
  • Additionally, We have also found that you can typically find cheaper flights when flying into SFB because it is a bit of a further drive to Orlando, but the difference in cost will surely make up for the slightly longer drive.

Transportation Options from SFB to Disney World

There are a number of transportation options that will get you from SFB to Disney World. Choosing the best option is going to depend on your family’s needs. Some prefer to have control and be able to transport themselves, while others would prefer to be driven to and from.

Here are your options for transportation when traveling from Sanford Airport to Disney:

Hire Car

If you prefer to have the freedom of jumping in the car and traveling wherever you need, renting a car through one of the hire car services at Sanford Airport may be the best option for you.

Keep in mind that rental car rates can vary from anywhere from $300-$1,000+ depending on the length of your stay and the service you choose to use. Additionally, you will be required to pay for parking if you drive to the Disney World parks, and with parking coming in at $20+ per day, it can certainly add up.

If you do choose to go with a rental, there are a number of convenient rental services on-site. Some of the most popular at Sanford Airport include Alamo, Enterprise, and Hertz.


If you are one that prefers a traditional taxi service, you can pretty easily track down a taxi driver as you exit the airport. It is common for taxi services to hang around the airport waiting for passengers. A taxi ride from Sanford to Disney World will typically cost anywhere from $50-$250+ depending on the time of day and availability of drivers.

Taxi drivers will pick up/drop off in the Ground Transportation designated areas across the street from Baggage Claim areas 1-3.

Ridesharing Services

Rideshare services have become increasingly popular as you can order a ride with the touch of a button from your smart device. Popular rideshare services in the area include Uber and Lyft.

Similarly to taxis, there are commonly drivers lingering around the airport area awaiting passengers, so you can typically have a ride ready within minutes of ordering when you are ready to depart the airport.

Again, you will be picked up/dropped off in the Ground Transportation designated areas across the street from Baggage Claim areas 1-3. The average cost of using a rideshare service to travel from Sanford Airport to Disney World is typically $63-$99, based on availability and time of day.

Pre-Arranged Shuttle Service

While there are no public shuttles that you can board to get to Disney, there are several shuttle services that you are able to pre-arrange a ride with to get you from SFB to Disney World.

Some of the most popular shuttle services include Mears Destination Services, Orlando Sun Transportation, and Orlando Transtour.

The average cost of these services is typically around $100-$150 for 1-4 people and has additional fees for larger parties.

**Many of the services listed above are very familiar with the airport and will know where to pick up and drop off.

Which Transportation Service Should You Choose SFB to Disney?

As we mentioned before, choosing the right mode of transportation is really going to be based on your family’s needs; however, if you are looking for the cheapest and quickest option to get you from the airport to Disney, we recommend a rideshare service.

Ridesharing is so popular these days, and with the ease of ordering your ride on your phone, you are sure to have a ride ready to go within minutes. Even during peak times, rideshare seems to be the cheapest option on average.

In any of the rideshare apps, you can select the type of vehicle you’d like to ride in, and there are accommodations for larger parties.

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If you are planning an upcoming trip, you will feel prepped and ready to book those flights by the end of this article!
If you are planning an upcoming trip, you will feel prepped and ready to book those flights by the end of this article!

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