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This page gives you the inside scoop on how we save on our adventures travelling abroad with a family.

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Booking Hotels

Comparing hotel search prices

We recommend you use Hotels Combined to find out if you are getting the best deal on your accommodation.  A powerful price comparison search engine that uses the combined powers of multiple travel search tools such as,, Expedia, Agoda and many more. Give it a try here.

All you need to do is “Show Prices” for a chosen hotel and their search engine will go to work to find you the best current deal for your selected dates. “View Deal” to see which of the booking agents has the best price.

Globetrotters Tip 1: Always look at the fine print! Even though one booking site might have a slightly cheaper quoted price, they may be excluding things like booking fees and taxes, credit card fees, breakfast, airport transfers, free wifi that others include as standard.  I would always click “View Deal” on the top 3-4 options that are offered up at this point to check the inclusions.

When you have found the best deal, open a new PRIVATE or INCOGNITO page with your preferred booking provider, while keeping your original browser open.

Why? Bookings websites use cookies to track your actions. If they can see you’re honing in on a deal you will be surprised how the price can change when you go back to book.  Going incognito with your booking gives you a fresh start – sometimes the price will actually increase this way though, so always check and compare. 

Similarly, if you have a VPN, try searching from another country, your results can be surprisingly different!

Globetrotters Tip 2:  Don’t forget to search the hotel’s own website. Although Hotels Combined sometimes checks this option for you, not always.  Booking directly you might find exclusive offers and packages not found on bookings websites like free arrival drinks, dining discounts, transfers, spa vouchers.

Booking.Com – Our favourite hotel booking tool

I won’t deny that we actually end up booking nearly all our accommodation through When you want to do in-depth research, they have by far the best user interface and ability to apply search filters, as well as the best stock of accommodation, not just hotels and resorts but rentals even campsites. Put in your budget and criteria and the map view will show you exactly which properties match and where exactly they are.

Globetrotters Tip 3: Sounds glamorous in print but want to see what your accomodation really looks like? Try Instant Street View – FREE!  Are there really shops nearby? Walking distance to the beach? These tool is amazing its like you’re actually walking along the street.


As an alternative, often has some great last minute deals and fabulous international coverage. In fact, more often than not Mr Globetrotter is now using Hotels.Com for his work bookings as they seem to have a much better inventory of last-minute stock. The other huge benefit of using this hotel search tool is Rewards, where signed up members get every 10th night free, definitely worth considering if you are making a longer family vacation booking.  Check out how it works here:

Latest Monthly Deals from Hotels.Com (US)

How to Save on Flying

See our complete guide to family flying saver tips here.

Searching for some cheap flights?  Do your research here!!  We recommend trying both Skyscanner & Momondo as they each search flights slightly differently.


We also work directly with the big UAE airlines as an affiliate.  If you are booking flights with either of these airlines, we’d, of course, appreciate it if you could book through our affiliate links – they are already preloaded with any current special offers on your routes.

Save on Car Rentals

See our complete guide to car rental savings tips here

Although we have many rental car companies attached to airline loyalty programs, we always start our car hire search on Holiday Autos, a powerful worldwide search tool that checks over 1,500 car rental companies.  It’s a great place to begin your rental car search and get quotes, even if you end up booking directly with your favourite provider this is the best way to see all the options.


Many of you might be familiar with Skyscanner for checking the cheapest flights, but did you know they also offer the same service for car rentals now too?

Give it a try here:

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