Top 5 Spots To Explore On Your Poland Holiday!

Stary Rynek Square and Old Town Hall in Poznan poland

Is travelling to Poland upon your mind? Do you wish to treat yourself to some of the most exotic and mind-boggling vacay spots of this location during your next visit? 

It’s time to unleash the top 5 destinations that you cannot miss on your upcoming Poland holidays. Holidays would fill up hearts with a curb to have a luxury panache at the best Poland hotels, take a serene walk at the rugged coastlines of Poland beaches or capture the sight of eye-soothing Poland Mountains during your upcoming visit. Scroll down the article to visit places virtually.

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5 Attractions To Lure Yourself On The Poland Travel Time!

Top destinations to explore when you visit Poland are stated here. Take a quick glimpse at the following:

Wieliczka Salt Mine

While being amongst the hot tourist attractions for the tourists on Poland travel, a visit to this salt mine in Wieliczka is a must in your itinerary. The 13-th Century came into commercial operation in 1996, and after that, it became a popular tourist spot, and people don’t miss it during their visit. 

Amp up to witness the corridors, statues and chapels carved out of explicit rock salt walls. On your Polish holidays, a visit to this stunning architectural marvel is a must. And yes, you must not miss out on the Chapel of St.Kinga, which is a 12-meter high chamber consisting of antique furniture as well as chandeliers. 

Image Credit tocmh via Gettyimages/Canva

Auschwitz-Birkenau Camps, Oswiecim

A visit to these camps can take you to the past, where over 900,000 Jews were brought between the years 1942 and 1944. Ranging from political prisoners to the survivors of the World War, many took shelter here, and you will find your visit successful.

Towards the end, Soviet forces encroached into the place and destroyed the camps, and what you can see are just the remains of the structures that were left off. 

Malbork Castle

The Teutonic castle from the 13th Century is now a Poland Museum that you must visit to witness the galore of this country. It began with a small fortification and gradually transformed into a massive structure over the period. Apart from being the largest Gothic building in Europe, it is also the world’s largest castle where you can visit the Poland museum to grab sight of armour and weapon collection of their forces.

Malbork Castle // Image Credit kirych via Getty Images/Canva

With such a phenomenal exhibit, you can thoroughly cherish the trip to visit Poland. You can also check out the Poland hotels nearby to rejuvenate and relax yourselves and make your visit worthwhile.

Crooked Forest, Gryfino

Do you wish to get the natural sights of the Poland Mountains? There is a crooked forest right outside the Gryfino town that is a sheer getaway to the natural beauty of this place. If you already had a Nirvana time at the soul-soothing Poland beaches, it’s time to check out the Poland Mountains and forests.

Amongst the numerous Pine trees standing tall from the 1930s, a local debate on the curvature of these trees is natural or accidental. For hiking in the silent ambience of the forest area, you must visit Poland and its Crooked forest region. 

Morskie Oko Lake, Tatra National Park

After taking a deep incursion to Poland museum and beaches, a visit to Tatra National Park is a perfect outlet for people of all age groups. Swiss pines, towering Poland Mountains, and shaded forest areas can immerse you into its tranquillity.

tatra national park poland
Morskie Oko Lake // Image credit Together We Watch via Canva

The lake is a highlight as it keeps changing the shades from deep blue to the softer hue of turquoise. Snow peaks, waterfalls, forests, lakes, and every element of nature’s epitome is displayed here! Visiting the place will surely make your day.

Are You Ready To Visit Poland?

Every bit about the visit is mesmerizing and fills one with excitement to extend their stay here. It is full of history buffs that date back to medieval architecture, and it’s perfect for discovering antiquity from the past. Book your package for the best Poland hotels to make your trip memorable over here. Share your personal experiences from your latest visit to this architecturally rich place, and it would be fun to catch you up in the comment below.

Author’s bio: Jeremy Ambrose began travelling several years ago and travels to explore new corners of the world every year. He has faced many of the difficulties of travelling and now wants to share his experience and knowledge with his readers. Also, Jeremy is a developer of a huge amount of android games. Ace of Spades game brought him popularity because of the opportunity to play everywhere.

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