Best Places to See in Uzbekistan with your Kids

Uzbekistan is one of the most intriguing countries in the world to visit. The country has four UNESCO World Heritage sites and six UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage listings.

But is it a family-friendly place? Read on to learn all about Uzbekistan and which attractions are best to try with your kids!

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Uzbekistan is a country that offers a rich mixture of culture and tradition. There are many places in the country that you should visit with your whole family if you wish to make the most of your trip.

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Apply online and see the following places while on your travels through Uzbekistan:


Samarkand is the first must-see place to visit in Uzbekistan. It is an officially declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although it might appear as a mythical city but in reality, it is a place that cherishes its traditions. Researchers have carried out several studies here and, over time, have made several discoveries.

Samarkand Uzbekistan

They had discovered that the Afrosiab town was founded in the 7th century BC. It was conquered by both Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great. With time, the city became home to diverse cultures while the conquerors aided in Islamic architecture and arts development.

It serves as a great starting point for discovering Uzbekistan and provides many interesting and exciting historical facts! 


Bukhara is yet another UNESCO declared medieval city that had an essential role in developing science and Islamic theology. Upon visiting Bukhara, the first thing you will observe is that the city is well-organized and planned. Surprising to think that it was done centuries ago. As a result, it had a significant impact on the Islamic World in the Middle ages.

Bukhara Uzbekistan

Here, you will find Ismail Somoni’s tomb, which is considered the oldest architectural monument dating back to the 10th century. Furthermore, Bukhara was a city where most Islamic scholars existed and contributed to making it an Islamic knowledge center and a hub of both scientific and mystical discoveries.

All of the attractions and historical monuments are available for families to explore!


The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Uzbekistan is the ancient Silk Route Traditions. In that respect, Khiva is a city that has been officially described as a UNESCO World Heritage site, involving the history of ancient Silk Road Traditions.

Khiva Uzbekistan

It features an inner-city called Itchan Kala surrounded by thick mud walls. If you were to look closely and observe, you would find it hard to believe that Khiva is in such a state in the 21st century. Furthermore, it includes 51 monuments that make it appear as an open-air museum.

Lastly, Khiva is the birth city of Al-Khoremi, who is described as the father of Algebra. Al-Khoremi was the scholar who introduced algorithms to the world.


Shahrisabz is a city that developed and flourished during the Timurid Empire and is also the birth city of Amir Temur, a great emperor of the medieval times.

Shahrisabz Uzbekistan

Although researchers state that its history dates back over 2000 years, you can find monuments here dating from the 14th to 15th century. An overall, magnificent city holding many secrets until you discover them.

Final words on visiting Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is not only home to ancient history but contemporary art as well. It is a unique combination rarely seen in other countries.

If your children are inquisitive and love to learn about the history and traditions of other countries, Uzbekistan offers so many sites it’s difficult to see them all! If you have had enough of history, you can always shift to admiring the natural beauty, which is something Uzbekistan also offers in abundance. 

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Samarkand Uzbekistan

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