5 Amazing Pennsylvania Family Attractions

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The ancient state of Pennsylvania is home to numerous amusement parks for kids and teenagers. From roller coasters and painting spaces to excellent restaurants, you will surely find a fantastic spot for your weekend or holiday family getaway.

The state is also rich in museums, beaches, and wildlife parks for fun and educational purposes. Hence, you can enjoy a swell time if you choose to visit the state with your kids. Keep reading to learn about amazing things you can do with kids in the glamorous state.

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What Fun Things Can You Do in Pennsylvania With Children?

In no particular order, these are some enticing places and activities you can embark on in the state with your children.

Enjoy family-friendly activities at Kennywood

This park is one of the oldest and richest amusement centers in the United States. It offers several activities with varying intensities for adults and kids. These activities include enjoying rides, shopping, dining, shows, and holiday events. Here are some of the major attractions at the Kennywood Park:


The first category is the miniature swing ride, a kid’s version of the wave swinger. This whirlwind swing accommodates heights between thirty-six and forty-eight inches. Your kids would love this mild-intensity ride as they move around on the swing. It’s also accessible to people living with disabilities.

The second ride available at this eye-catching park is the Musik Express for teenagers and adults. As its name implies, the ride features loud music and lights as you move circularly up and down several peaks and valleys. It’s also accessible to people with disabilities. The activity is of moderate intensity but only for those with a minimum height of fifty inches.

Another moderate-intensity ride is the rollercoaster, which is a Miller classic. It’s the only single continuous track coaster in the entire United States. Hence, you’re guaranteed a unique experience that can’t be found anywhere else in the region. The coaster is accessible to everyone, including kids.

The next attraction in this category that the park offers is the black widow, which is a giant pendular. The riders usually sit with their legs dangling freely and their torso restrained with a string strap. The ride then begins to swing in a pendulum motion as it rotates. Once it reaches its maximum height, riders would feel intense weightlessness, which is not an experience for the weak at heart.

Lastly, you can ride the Gran Pix and the Flynn fire training. The Gran Pix allows you and your kids to ride in bumper cars on a rectangular floor while bumping other riders. It’s a moderate-intensity activity and might require having a partner, especially if you’re at the lower limit of the minimum height requirement. The mild-intensity Flynn fire training, on the other hand, puts your kids on a circular ride while putting out fires with hoses.


Adventures and tours are rarely complete without good food and snacks. Thankfully, you can enjoy world-class menus and dishes at the famous park without breaking the bank. Common dining centers at the park include a beer garden for parents who are beer lovers, a lemonade stand, and a cotton candy wagon for kids.


Apart from the unique attractions, rides, and good meals served at Kennywood, you also have the opportunity to take the momentum of the experience home by getting souvenirs. The park has several gift shops that sell various Kennywood merchandise that can remind your kids of the unique experience.

Items sold at the shops range from ceramics, clothes, and caps to jewelry, plush, and candies. You can also rent wheelchairs and scooters at the front gate gift shop.

Visit the Please Touch Museum

This interactive museum, designed especially for kids below eight years old, is located in Philadelphia. It has existed since 1976 and is one of the most intriguing and fun places in the States. The philosophy at the museum is to make kids learn through interactive programs and exhibitions.

Common fun programs at the museum include the monthly creative art studio experience and the playhouse theater. These programs are tailored to enhance the kids’ imaginative and creative skills. The center provides comfort services such as wheelchair renting, private nursing rooms, and an admission fee of less than twenty dollars.

Enjoy the Splash at DelGrosso’s Park

This family-oriented park has been in existence for more than seventy years and is a major destination for fun and holidays in Pennsylvania. An adjacent water park known as the Laguna Splash provides water-based attractions for kids. The park hosts picnics, events, and musical concerts in its pavilion.

They also boast of more than thirty rides, including different roller coasters, family, and thrill rides. The Kids’ Kingdom has various rides like the fire truck, boat, and helicopter. You can get excellent meals, including mouthwatering foods, served at designated areas of the park.

Stroll Around the Carnegie Science Center

Located in Pittsburgh, this exemplary science museum boasts up to seven hundred thousand yearly visitors. This is partly due to the vast and rich scientific exhibits within its walls. Apart from being unique, their almost four hundred exhibits span across various aspects of science and technology.

The attractions at Carnegie Science Center include a giant theater, a planetarium, and a home for robots. Hence, this is the perfect fun place for kids interested in how the world works.

Animal spot at the Philadelphia Zoo

A list of fun places to visit with kids will not be complete without adding a zoo. Thankfully, America’s first zoo is located in the state of Pennsylvania. The place is home to over 1900 animals, including rare and endangered species.

The zoo offers programs and attractions for visitors, like trivia, scavenger hunt games, and bird feeding. It’s wheelchair accessible, and there are places to get good snacks during their action-filled adventures. Look out for their winter LumiNature program for a unique way to experience the zoo.

Without a doubt, a list of fun things to do in Pennsylvania cannot be exhausted in one article, as the state is home to several entertainment centers. It is best to consider factors such as opening hours, availability of special events, ticket costs, and age limits before choosing a location.

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