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New Delhi is a big city to discover, one of the most attractive in the world. Every year, more than 12 million tourists visit the city. A fascinating place where tradition and modernity easily intersect. In this city, like in many others in India, there is a multitude of monuments to visit. 

Whether you are traveling on foot, by train, by bike, or with your kids and family, you can be sure that all your senses will be alerted in this teeming, noisy, yet magical and timeless city at the same time. 

The city is dotted with spellbinding mosques, forts, and monuments left by the Mughal rulers who have once occupied the city. The contrast between rambling Old Delhi and well-planned New Delhi is immense, and it’s worth spending time exploring both. If you feel in need of a moment of relaxation, enjoy activities with your kids and family, just head to the destinations we will list in this article.

TIP! It’s crucial to have an e-Visa upon crossing the India border. Children are not exempt from the electronic visa obligation. Make sure to apply for your eVisa to India at least 3 business days in advance of the travel.

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Top Family Attractions not to miss in New Delhi

Here is a list of attractions and places to visit in Delhi with your kids. The great thing is that many of them are free and can easily be reached by public transport. 

Red Fort

Delhi’s most famous landmark, the Red Fort, stands out not only as a powerful reminder of the Mughal era in India but also as a symbol of India’s struggle for freedom. It was built by the fifth Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan when he decided to transfer his capital there from Agra in 1638. 

It would be a great place to visit with your kids if they are fascinated by history. The grandeur of the fort captures the hearts of old and young people alike. 

Red Fort New Delhi
Red Fort // Roop_Dey via CanvaPro-Getty Images

Lodhi Gardens

Lodhi Gardens offers a serene retreat from the city life and is the place to come if you want your kids to have fun. It also a place to relax and enjoy the beautiful greenery and colorful landscapes.

The extensive gardens were built by the British in 1936 around the tombs of 15th and 16th-century rulers. Joggers, yoga practitioners, and families all enjoy this park.

Lodhi Gardens // tschuma417 via CanvaPro-Getty Images

Deer Park

If you want to include wildlife sightings with your kids, the Deer Park in New Delhi will surely be a great sport to visit. It is a vast area of nature that includes deers, rabbits, ducks, and other live animals. 

If you go in deep, you will also be able to see a wide array of tombs and historical monuments from the Mughal era. Should you or your kids be interested in India’s history, the deer park offers a lot.

National Bal Bhavan

Are you trying to train your kids to be more creative and skillful? A visit to National Bal Bhavan will help you do that. The young ones can enjoy a wide array of activities available in the interactive environment of this fun place. 

If they grew tired of such activities, there is always the option of visiting the skate park, engage in cultural exchange programs, and see the camping hotel. Finally, you end your visit by booking a ride on the mini toy train that will make the experience of the National Bal Bhavan hard to forget.

Kingdom of Dreams

The kingdom of dreams is considered one of the first entertainment parks ever built in Delhi and India in general. The park consists of vast areas estimated at around six and a half acres, making it a huge park to discover.

You and your kids can visit several places in the park, including theaters, leisure parks, and water parks. The place is usually packed during the weekend; if you don’t like packed places, make sure to visit in the middle of the week; otherwise, the park is at its best during the weekend. 

Appu Ghar

Another amusement park is the alluring Appu Ghar. The place is one the most popular places for a family visit in Delhi. The park is relatively old; however, the latest renovations made sure that kids will enjoy the activities safely.

Your kids and go through water slides, swim in the pools, and attend theatrical performances. Appu Ghar is one of the best experiences they can have in India’s capital!

Rashtrapati Bhavan // Andrey Khrobostov via CanvaPro

Final words on visiting New Delhi with Kids

As we all know, travelling broads our horizons and opens our minds to new cultures, customs, and traditions. It’s crucial to explore the world and learn as much as we can about it! Visiting colourful India, a country that is extremely rich in history and culture, will most definitely be a great experience for your family, especially for the kids.

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Travelling to India With Kids

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