Spooky Sightseeing: The 4 Most Haunted Places In The World

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Travel expands your mind and opens you up to new opportunities. But sometimes, we come across a few places that have a supernatural side. 

Exploring the haunted wonders of the world uncovers the dark secrets of history. There’s more to a city than you can experience during the day…

Today, let’s go on an adventure to the most haunted cities and places around the world! Make sure to keep your eyes open.

1) Philadelphia, USA

The City of Brotherly Love wasn’t always so cheery. Consider, for example, the Eastern State Penitentiary, erected in 1829 and abandoned in 1971. Some inmates are serving longer than a life sentence, and a visit here will have you looking over your shoulder. 

Don’t go alone—book a tour with usghostadventures.com or another reputable guide. You don’t want to encounter these angry spirits alone!

Haunted Places - Philadelphia Eastern State Penitentiary
Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia via Getty Images / Canva

If you make it out of prison, head over to the Christ Church Burial Ground and witness the apparition of Ben Franklin puttering around his gravesite. Follow the tradition and toss a penny on his grave and see if a penny saved really is a penny earned. 

2) Paris, France

Ah, Paris! Amour, baguettes, sparkling lights, cafés, and—undead souls suffering for eternity in purgatory? 

All it takes is a single trip to the famous Paris catacombs to reframe your view of this European capital completely. Explore hundreds of miles of tunnels filled with over 7 million deceased Parisians, whose bones line the walls.

Haunted Places - Paris Catacombs
Paris Catacombs // Image Credit jimmy_bierzo via Getty Images/Canva

The cemeteries of Paris overflowed in the late 18th century as the population grew. For decades, late at night, grave diggers accompanied by priests brought carts of bones beneath the earth in what should have been their final resting place.

But reports of skeletons moving on their own and shrill screams down echoing hallways suggest many bodies wish for a far more consecrated grave.

3) Wonnangatta Valley, Australia 

Maybe there is some relief from ghosts and mystery Down Under? Sorry, no such luck. The secluded Wonnangatta Valley in Victoria has taken many hikers into its depths, never to heard from again. 

The famous unsolved murders of 1918 started a century of mystery that has only deepened over time. Even as recently as 2020, two hikers set out on an easy hike and never returned. People seem drawn to the forest—Conrad Whitlock felt compelled to visit at 3 AM in 2019. Police found his car, clothes, and wallet but not him.

Haunted Places - Wonnangatta Valley, Victoria
The mysterious Wonnangatta cemetery // Image Credit Clint Peddersen-Curtis via Getty Images / Canva

Even if you don’t vanish, you could meet the Button Man. This local lives in the bush and seeks out campers gathered around fires to show off his button collection or axe collection, depending on how he deems you. 

But don’t worry—locals say he is friendly. You can make that decision for yourself.

4) Baguio, Philippines 

The Laperal White House on the island of Luzon in the Philippines is a Victorian mansion built in the 1930s. By WWII, Japanese soldiers used it to interrogate prisoners of war. 

Ever since then, locals have reported bizarre sights emanating from the building. Even after renovations, many on the island stay well enough away. Though film crews from around the world regularly come to see if they can spot the very thing the locals avoid. 

The Laperal White House may even be under spiritual protection—it was one of the few buildings still standing after the devastating 1990 earthquake.


So, how many of these spots are you brave enough to visit? Raise the stakes on your next vacation game with a fright. You never know what you might find.

Apparitions are all around us. These are only spots where humans have witnessed the other side.

Will you find a new haunted zone? Are you sitting in one right now? Boo!

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