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Back in May 2015 we started a series reviewing airlines for their family-friendliness.  We’ve taken a small hiatus over the summer but these airline reviews are still proving to be our most searched topic so starting next week, our airline reviews will be back in full swing!

As well as providing you with all the practical information you need for travelling with the world’s top airlines – such as pregnancy policies, baby bassinet size limits and luggage allowances – we also provide you with what really matters to the family, how will you kids be entertained, can you pool frequent flyer miles for future use – and an honest opinion from a family that travels by air A LOT as to whether we’d be tempted to fly with them.


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What’s changed since May?

The biggest news has been the release of the 2015 World Airline Awards, which has seen a small reshuffle among the world’s top 10 airlines, as chosen by passengers participating in the Skytrax survey – with Qatar Airways taking crowning glory.  Interestingly since 2014 Qantas has made a reappearance along with Taiwanese airline EVA Air, whilst Asiana and Lufthansa have dropped out (two that we highly rated for their little extras back in May).

op 10 Airlines 2015 | Review for Family Friednliness| OurGlobetrotters.Net

Now remember these awards look at airline experiences as a whole; the average passenger in cattle class with three kids may not be receiving the same treatment as the business man up the pointy end filling in this survey. The good news is, as well as overall airline ratings, they do award airlines by different cabin classes and areas of service.  If you’re as fascinated by air travel as we are, do pop on over and have a look through all the categories and see what matters most to you (and see our explanation of the different airline awards here)

We have made small tweaks to our past reviews to include these updated results for 2015

Want to get involved?

We, of course, have not flown with every international airline (if only you could have collective frequent flyer miles and cash them in!!), so added to our factual reviews now are some first hand reviews from passengers who have flown with the world’s top airlines, breaking down for you exactly the experiences they had – the good and the bad to the darn right annoying – see our first passenger review for Garuda Indonesia here, as well as Emirates Airlines and British Airways.

If you have flown with an international airline or are about to, we’d love to hear from you!!  Email Keri at and I’ll direct you on what we need to put your review up on the blog.  The more we share, the better we can make the airline world for family travellers and get you out there seeing the world.

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Want to know all the ins and outs of international family air travel? Our Globetrotters take you through 30 of the world's leading airlines for their family friendliness - baby bassinets to luggage allowances we have your family covered with our in depth reviews.

Don’t forget to also check out the Travel Advice section of our website as we help step you through the process of flying with kids from picking seats to what to pack and how to keep kids entertained, we’ve got you covered.

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