Luxury International Travel on a Budget to Greece: How Not to Break the Bank and See Everything

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Greece is among the most affordable travel destinations in Europe. However, for the moderate price, you get the holiday all packed up with sunny weather, lots of sightseeing, and luxurious hotels for any taste.

Greece’s geographical position and form also make it perfect for a sea trip with children, as there are many family-friendly places to visit and enjoy the sun. Check out our guide to learn how to get the best for the lowest price in Greece and what places you should include on your Greece itinerary.

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What Is the Approximate Budget for a Greece Holiday?

Of course, the budget of your Greece vacation depends on when, how, and where exactly you want to travel. For instance, you can take cheap flights on low-cost airlines; however, that would not save you much money if you decide to take some luggage with you — and you definitely need a few pieces of luggage when you travel with the family.

Therefore, to keep your vacations fancy, consider booking business class to Greece: the price difference will be totally worth it. The flight cost will be around $500-$1000 per person, depending on the travel time.

Accommodation price also varies on the time of your travel and exact location; still, you will be able to find something worthy for $300. The majority of luxury hotels include a breakfast option or even breakfast+dinner, but if you decide to go out and try something truly local, you can have a decent breakfast for $6-10 and $35 or more for a posh dinner.

The best way to reach any place in Greece is to take a taxi, as local roads and driving rules are not the best. For longer travel, choose trains and local flights: compared to international ones, they cost nothing and allow you to get to the most exciting islands of this country.

How to Save Your Money While Not Compromising the Experience

We all want to get everything for the lowest possible price, and this attempt is likely to succeed in Greece. As Greece is not among the economically strongest countries, the price for basic activities and products is relatively low. You will not have to spend a lot on transportation, food, and entertainment. Still, here are some tips that will help you to plan a gorgeous holiday on a budget:

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Don’t choose the high season for travel

In July and August, prices in Greece skyrocket, which still doesn’t stop people from visiting it. This is definitely not the best time to visit it; instead, book your holiday for the end of May-June or September to have a relaxing holiday in Greece (and save a ton of money!).

Choose the least known islands

We all know about Santorini, but there is no way to travel on a budget there. At the same time, Greece has over 200 islands, most of which are underrated. You will be able to save on transportation, food, and accommodation there while not being pushed from all sides by other tourists, as it usually happens on Mykonos or Santorini.

Book a car with local companies

Although car booking in Greece is not recommended, you can still do it. You can save a big portion of money if you find a local car rental service instead of the international one. This may be a little risky, so be sure to check their reviews and policies first.

Buy package deals for sightseeing

You can plan ahead your entertainment and book a package for sightseeing instead of buying a specific ticket for each of them. There are plenty of different deals and varieties, so you will surely have options to choose from. Here are some ideas for trips from Athens.

Book accommodation from the locals

International hotel chains, although they do have high standards of hospitality, have the highest prices as well. Therefore, booking a villa or an apartment through renting services might be the best solution for you. It will help you to save a budget, live in luxurious accommodations, and stay closer to the life of the locals.

The Best Islands for Luxury International Travel on a Budget to Greece

Choosing the islands to visit might be the main difficulty while planning your vacation in Greece. Here are some hidden gems that tourists usually omit simply because they don’t know about these marvelous destinations.            


Close up view of Agios Athanasios church on Serifos Island, Greek Islands

If you came here to see how you can save on the Santorini trip, here is the answer — visit Serifos instead. These islands are insanely alike, the only difference being that Serifos is not that expensive and overcrowded.


overhead view of houses on Milos Greek Islands

This island was rated as the best one by Travel+Leisure in 2021, but it does not have many tourists. What it has instead is marvellous nature, local tavernas with amazing vibes, and some high-quality accommodations for a relatively low price.


overhead view of the remote sandy beach and shipwreck on NavagionBeach Zakynthos

This island looks outstanding, preventing its natural beauty while offering posh hotels and plenty of entertainment. Be sure to spot the sea turtles and visit nearby islands like Strofades.

For tourists who value natural beauty and comfort, Greece has it all. It is a unique country with ancient history and marvellous views where you can have top-notch vacation experiences that remain cheap and cheerful. If you love warm weather, exceptional beaches, and warmhearted people who enjoy their lives, there are literally zero reasons not to choose Greece as your next luxury destination.

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