Legoland Water Park Dubai makes a splash

Legoland Water Park Dubai family review

We have a new kid on the water park scene in the UAE (and it’s awesome!)

Designed especially with little ones in mind (i.e. it isn’t all mind-blowing, lose-your-bikini-top, thrill-seeker stuff) the new Legoland Water Park in Dubai Parks and Resorts is the perfect place for your 2 to 12-year-olds to cool off in the UAE heat this summer.

In this Legoland Dubai article, we cover

If you missed our first review of neighbouring Legoland Dubai Theme Park, pop over here first – this review only covers only the legoland Dubai Water Park.

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What to Expect at Legoland Dubai Water Park

We road-tested the Legoland Water Park on a busy Friday in the spring with our 7, 4 & 2-year-olds. Here’s what you can expect to find:

Legoland Water Park Dubai family review
The Rides & Slides

For most, this is what a water park is all about and what sets it apart from simply going to a swimming pool or splash park.

There are 20 slides to choose, from, most requiring kids to be over 102cm or 107cm to ride – some can be done in pairs allowing you to ride along with your kid, others are ‘go it alone’ (see height restrictions below).

After a little encouragement, Miss 7 and Master 4 really got into it and were eager to work out which slides were their favourites.  

The Twin Chasers were a definite hit, and the Splash & Swirl they could do with Dad, along with the family ride for up to 8, Red Rush.

Our lot, although tall enough, weren’t feeling brave to do the Wave Rider or Tidal Tube but I would say most 5+-year-olds could give it a shot. More suited to older kids (read Mr Globetrotter was happy to try them) are the Lego Slide Racers and Splash Out.

The Build-a-Raft lazy river is definitely the family winner as you can choose many combinations of kids on their own, together or swimming while you collect up your blocks to add to your boat while you float along. Some of the double boats have seats in them for smaller tots to join in. This one got VERY busy by the afternoon though.

Legoland Water Park Dubai family review
A glimpse of the Build-a-Raft Lazy river that wraps around the Joker Soaker

If you’re hot the one to cool off is the Joker Soaker – you know the type where the bucket fills up then smashes you with water? I’ve never understood the thrill in this, but the crowds love it! And the water here seemed several degrees colder than elsewhere. Smaller kids over 91cm can ride the slides inside the lower level of Joker Soaker independently, the upper level more twisty slides you need to be over 102cm.

The only attraction area just for tots is Duplo Splash Safari. Unfortunately, this was closed when we visited much to our Master 2’s disappointment.

We were able to use the small Duplo Wave Pool which is like a splash park really, adjacent to the giant Lego Wave Pool. Not the most thrilling or glamorous wave pools I’ve seen in my time (our standards are high living in the UAE!), but it did the job and the kids certainly thought it was great fun, they spent ages just floating in here.

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Other Attractions at Legoland Waterpark Dubai

There weren’t as many ‘other attractions’ as we expected for a themed water park.  Our boys loved the Build-a-Boat where you could create your own Lego crafts and have races, but other than the rafts on the lazy river, that was it for building-type activities.  You really need to go to the theme park next door if this is what you are after.

Planning your own experience at Legoland Waterpark Dubai

All up there are 14 different attractions with 20 slides.  The whole park is not huge – dare I say we expected a few more attractions to be fitted in. But the size with small children was manageable and plenty to keep them entertained for a full day out.  Dining is available in the park at Waves Bistro & Bricks Bites – basically

Legoland Water Park Dubai family review

Dining is available in the park at Waves Bistro & Bricks Bites – basically chicken & chip meals or pizza (note you can only bring in baby food).

Seating is scattered throughout the park – predominantly next to the Joker Soaker and the Wave Pool.

The only change rooms are right next to the entrance. Lockers can be rented here too for 45AED.

Opening times are 10am to 7pm in the summer (6pm in winter).

You can look to combine your experience with a Legoland Dubai ticket, or alternatively head to one of the other theme parks that’s open into the evening – Motiongate or Bollywood.  There are loads of dining options in Riverland if you want a bite to eat before going home.

If you have small kids like ours though, I can assure you the one park in a day was more than enough to see them sleeping soundly in the car before we even hit the freeway home.

Legoland Water Park Dubai family review

Height Restrictions at Legoland Dubai Water Park

Here’s the lowdown on what to expect on height restrictions – yes the thing that can make or break a little ones day!

Legoland Water Park Dubai family review - Height Restrictions on slides

Unfortunately, much like Legoland Dubai Theme Park, there were many rides our youngest Master J at 92cm and nearly three years old couldn’t do.  Admittedly, you don’t pay for under 3’s, but I think with many of the slides and rides only starting from 102cm, you’ll get a lot of disappointed 3-year-olds still who do pay.

On the day we visited Duplo Splash Safari was also sadly closed. This was one of only a few areas you could safely let a little one splash and play so a little disappointing. We did feel on this occasion though there was enough to keep Master J busy with other attractions, but we had to spend much of the day with our group split to achieve this harmony! As we have discovered, such is life with a larger family….

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Top Tips for Visiting Legoland Water Park Dubai

  • Get there early. Now that the weather is heating up, the public car park has some undercover parking but I’d say only enough for the first thousand or so cars of the day. If you miss this you will be parked out in the heat. VIP and valet parking options exist at an extra charge.
  • Weekends are BUSY! and will only get busier as we head into summer. The UAE is HOT from basically April through to October so you can expect these to be peak times for any water park.  Check out local school holiday times before visiting and remember Friday/Saturday are the UAE weekend. Weekdays will be much quieter, especially in the mornings when you could have the park largely to yourselves.

  • Consider renting a Cabana for a group. There is only a limited number on site, they can’t be reserved in advance so it’s first come, first served – a little pricey but given what you get I’d say worthwhile for that wonderful shaded spot, fridge, and extra service.
  • If the kids are going to nag you for a souvenir drink bottle, go ahead and get it at the start of the day!  You will be thankful for the regular drinks as things heat up!
  • Take your shoes around the park with you. Some surfaces are heat treated and others are not – even then by late afternoon everything feels like it’s burning!  There are shoe racks next to all the rides  – take something that’s distinguishable as yours though!!
Legoland Water Park Dubai family review - shoe racks

How to get to Legoland Dubai Water Park

Dubai Parks & Resorts are located in Jebel Ali.  You are about a 40-minute drive from both the major hotel areas of Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island and Downtown Dubai.

You can easily arrange taxi’s to Dubai Parks and Resorts from these locations, or by private car there is a huge on-site public car park (see our tips above though).  Currently, parking is free with a pre-purchased resident’s ticket, otherwise, the cover charge has been dropped to a reasonable 20AED per day (Updated – parking is now FREE at all times at Dubai parks and Resorts).

A small tram then takes you to the Riverland entrance (a restaurant and entertainment zone).  Expect another 5-minute walk after the tram to the Legoland waterpark entrance.  In the heat, you may want a stroller for young tots to do this walk but you won’t need it within the Legoland Water Park.

Stay near Legoland Water Park Dubai

At Dubai Parks and Resorts, there is currently only one on-site hotel option in walking distance which is the beautiful Polynesian-themed Lapita Resort, run by Marriott Hotels.

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UPDATE: In late 2019 Rove at the Park was added as a nearby value accommodation option.  You can find our full review of Rove at the Park here, or jump over and check out pricing on Booking.Com

What to wear to Legoland Dubai Water Park

This is always a tricky question for me in the UAE as there are many cultural interpretations of modesty, and swimwear is a grey area. The longer I live here, the more prudent I have become!

  • Legoland Water Park Dubai family review
    For kids no problem, any sort of bathers, rashies, sunsuits are fine.  Obviously take into account the fact they will be out in the sun, hats, sunscreen, and whatever protection you think they need (We have a really detailed guide on summer sun protection for tots here).
  • For gents, longer board shorts are the go – I’d avoid anything clingy -(ie keep your budgie-smugglers at home).  Topless is fine for men.
  • For the ladies – it gets tricky. You will see everything from full-body burkinis to the skimpiest bikini.  I’d honestly avoid the latter. I think it’s just a tad disrespectful (not just at a UAE water park, anywhere in the world). There is a time and place for showing that much flesh and a family water park just ain’t it.  I think a one-piece bathing suit or tankini-type top would be acceptable.  (If you are going on any of the slides bear in mind they might not be high-thrill by adult standards but do expect some, ah, clothing displacement!). You will not be thrown out or told off for wearing less but expect some disapproving looks and just remember where you are. You can read more clothing advice for Dubai here. 

There is one shop on-site Bricks Beach Shop with emergency clothing options too – I thought fairly reasonably priced. Only a small selection of Lego for sale here – but surprisingly cheaper than in the Lego concept store in Yas Mall!!

Globetrotters Recommend Legoland Dubai Waterpark

Legoland Water Park Dubai family review

The Globetrotters gave this Dubai attraction a massive thumbs up.

We love it because it felt like a safe and appropriate environment for smaller kids.  There were plenty of lifeguards on duty and because you don’t have the thrill rides, the other guests are all young families too – no groups of teenagers and young men.  I found other patrons to be kinder and more considerate too. Toddlers can go wayward on you at places like this and other parents were there keeping watchful eyes out too!

If you have a mixed group of kids who want a bit more from their rides and experience, they may feel a little disappointed. But it does what it says on the tin.  Everything sticks to the brightly coloured Lego theme and its age-appropriate family fun to keep you cool.

What could use improvement at Legoland Water Park Dubai

There are always little things that can move venues like this from great to outstanding, here are some of our thoughts and suggestions;

  • There was not enough shade.  For a place that is not just hot, extremely hot, and sunny for the vast majority of the year, we expected a few more shaded areas for families.  Yes, there were choices undercover but as the sun moved over the day you could see people chasing every inch of shade to put their kids in.  Surely more shade clothes – or better positioned – wouldn’t go astray. Get in early for the best spots!
Legoland Water Park Dubai family review - shade is in short supply
Sadly much of the seating was not adequately shaded
  • I don’t know why all surfaces haven’t been covered with the anti-slip, heat repellent coating – it’s essential with the UAE summer heat.
  • More choice of food outlets. There were only two outlets for an actual meal that had long queues throughout the day.  If it wasn’t that we just recommended you should get in early for the shade – I’d recommend coming later and eating lunch in Riverland first for a much wider selection! Waiting times for meals felt unacceptably long. There are several quick concessions stands though for popcorn, ice cream.
  • A few more “hands-on” Lego experiences wouldn’t have gone astray.  You can do the build-a-raft (if one other selfish family hasn’t stolen all the bricks to make one giant brick…), and the boat building, but that was it. I think our older ones were expecting a little more Lego-related activities.
Legoland Water Park Dubai family review

Want to know more and Legoland Water Park Dubai?

  • Visit the official Dubai Parks & Resorts website here which has more on the latest offers for residents and visitors.  Pricing can vary due to special offers but expect standard pricing to be 245 AED for a Water Park only ticket, or 295 AED for a combined Legoland Dubai Theme Park ticket. 

Legoland Dubai Water Park - A family review with tips from a local family to make the most of your trip

Have you visited Legoland Water Park yet?  What were your favourite parts or recommendations for other families? 

Disclosure: We were provided with a media pass for the purposes of conducting an honest review, all views as always are our own. We are in no way agents or sponsored by Dubai Parks & Resorts.  Initial review as of April 2017, last updated February 2020. This article contains affiliate links to accommodation and other services which may earn this site a small commission.

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