Keeping Your Luggage Safe from Theft or Loss

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There are about 1.4 million items of lost luggage every year, and for every 1,000 passengers, almost six bags are mishandled. Unless you keep all essentials in your hand-carried luggage, chances are, you could lose items that mean the world to yourself or others.

You would probably be surprised by some of the amazing things that end up in the Unclaimed Baggage sections of airports across the world—everything from ancient artifacts to wedding rings, wigs, and designer clothing. While you definitely are not in full control of where your luggage goes, you can take a few steps to ensure that your items are not stolen or mistakenly taken.

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Going Premium

Opting for a designer piece of luggage from Globe Trotter’s No Time to Die, Safari, or Centenary collections guarantee one thing that will make it easy to quickly spot and claim your baggage: uniqueness. Investing in quality luggage will not only guarantee your pieces last a lifetime but also deter thieves, since these pieces of luggage can easily be identified in a crowd.

To make your luggage extra visible, opt for a more unusual color (think cream, orange, or light grey with stripes). 

Identifying Your Luggage Visibly

You can take extra steps to identify your luggage just in case someone else has a similar bag. You can either use larger, vividly hued stickers or other markers that are easy to spot, or you can keep it subtle and stick to a more elegant identification method, such as aluminum blank metal tags.

The latter can then be engraved with your details and temporarily hooked up to your luggage. Tags also come in various colors and shapes (including rectangular and round). When choosing between different tag designs, once again, go for something unique and easy to see.

Using a GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker in the form of a small tag or device can help you track your bags. Devices such as Lugloc, Tile and TrakDot work via Android or iOS apps, and they send you messages when your baggage lands. Some devices also have the backup of a Bluetooth tracker so you can find your luggage when it is nearby.

In case you are worried about battery life, don’t be. The batteries on these devices last for around a year, so you don’t need to worry about long layovers or long flights.

Keeping Valuable Things in Your Handbag or Hand-Carried Luggage

Before flying, find out how much your airline or travel insurance covers in terms of lost luggage. Most airlines allow you to claim between $1,800 and $3,500 (approximately), so you should definitely avoid keeping anything valued at around $100 or more in your luggage. This is especially true when it comes to jewelry and other items that can have sentimental value. 

Over one million items of luggage are lost every year. To ensure your baggage is safe and sound, opt for premium pieces that are easier to spot and less convenient to steal. Use a GPS tracker to find your luggage in case it gets lost, and make sure to keep your most valuable items close to you during travel.

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