Historical Places to Visit in the United States with Kids

Liberty Bell in Philadelphia - Historic Places in the USA for families

Historical sites are some of the most fascinating destinations to visit during a vacation. They can become especially exciting when you are accompanied by children. These trips can be both fun and educational, contributing towards the development of a child’s curiosity. There are a large number of destinations around the world that are filled with history. Here are some in the United States that you can visit with your children and make a day of it.

US Space & Rocket Center

The US Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, is a great place to visit if your children aspire to become astronauts or are fascinated by space in general. It is the largest spaceflight museum in the world with Explorer 1, America’s first satellite on display, along with more than 1,500 other space-themed artefacts.

Along with admiring the displays, kids can also enjoy the G-force and Moon Shot simulators to experience astronaut training. They also have family activities that run on the weekends such as the family astronaut training that you can enrol in.

Washington, D.C.

Washington DC - Historic Places in the USA

Washington, D. C. is the prime city for children to learn about America’s national government and how it functions. There are a number of historical attractions here, the White House being the main one. Apart from the White House, children can witness justices hear and vote on cases at the U.S. Supreme Court and see senators and congressmen craft bills at the U.S. Capitol. You can visit the National Archives and Records Administration, Smithsonian Institution, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, and more institutions.

National Nordic Museum

The National Nordic Museum in Seattle, Washington, is a great place for children to familiarise themselves with the history of the area’s Nordic immigrants. It showcases Nordic art and objects, preserves collections and also conducts educational and cultural events that you can attend. You can reach Seattle by all means of transport and if you arrive by yacht, it can be docked at Emerald Landing.

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is an important part of American history as this was where Japan attacked the American naval base in 1941, leading to the U.S.’ involvement in World War II. The Pearl Harbor National Memorial in O’ahu encapsulates this pivotal moment in history with displays, galleries and a documentary film. There are also several activities that your family can participate in.

Pearl Harbor USS Arizona Hawaii - Historic Places in the USA


A stroll through historic Philadelphia is a must for all American families. Both the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were signed in Philadelphia. Start your tour by visiting the Liberty Bell, which is free to visit. The information center has interactive displays, great for younger children with detailed information on the history of the Liberty Bell.

Next, head across the street to Independence Hall and see where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution was signed (if you want to visit the Assembly Room then make sure you book a timed ticket in advance!)

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Located in Glen Rose, Texas, the Dinosaur Valley State Park will definitely get your kids excited. This site is famous for actual dinosaur footprints found in the Paluxy riverbed. You can even plan a weekend camping trip around this site and enjoy swimming in creeks, horseback rides, along with learning about prehistoric animals.

These are only a few of the numerous historical sites dotted across the United States. If your family is filled with history buffs, you can plan a road trip around visiting the different historical sites. 

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  1. Chetan Jadhav says:

    These historical places are worth a visit and generate interest in our kids about the fascinating history of the USA. Moreover, it would also infuse a sense of pride in them for the country.

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