Fun Travel Hobbies to Try in Different Countries

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Travelling around the world to different countries and cultures is a fantastic experience, that for some lucky people is a hobby itself. Whether you are travelling for work or pleasure, there are some activities and hobbies you can try that may make your trips more memorable and enjoyable.

We have put together this list of our favourite travel hobbies that anyone can use to add some extra fun into a work trip or bring a little extra adventure to a vacation. Here is our list of fun travel hobbies to try in different countries.

Keep a Journal of Your Travels

Journeys across the world and travels to distant destinations provide all kinds of amusing and interesting stories, some of which are too good not to share. Keeping a travel diary to record your thoughts, feelings, and experiences on your travels is a great idea.

You could even dramatize events, or write a more fictional story inspired by your travels, and write a great adventure novel. Some success in this area could lead to a lifetime of globetrotting, turning your travel adventure into best-selling books!

Start a Collection or Two of Travel Souvenirs

Wherever you go in the world, you will find souvenirs to collect that are a small memento of your trip, and starting a collection of these can help you to remember your travels and help you tell stories of your adventures to your friends and family.

It could be t-shirts or baseball caps, or something you can find in a gift shop anywhere in the world. Having something with the name of a destination is always handy to help jog your memory. Another popular souvenir is a small jar of sand from the beaches you visit.


Take More Photographs and Not Selfies

Every moment of every day, people are taking thousands if not millions of photographs; but most will be of themselves. If you are travelling across the globe, be sure to take some pictures of yourself in the special places you visit, but your focus should be on the amazing sights you see in the different countries you visit.

From the people and culture to the unique nature that you can find in exotic destinations, the food and the architecture; there is so much for you to capture to help you remember your trip and show the world to your family and friends.

See our top tips from a family photograph pro how to best capture your holiday memories

Try a Sport Like Fishing to Help You Explore

Fishing is a great sport that can help you explore not just the coasts of a country, but also its lakes, rivers, and streams. Fishing is a way of life for humans in nearly every part of the world, and you can find a fishing spot and organized fishing tours just about everywhere.

Kayak new hobbies while travelling

Taking a fishing tour on a river is a great way to combine all of our hobbies listed here, and can give you a hobby to take home with you too. After a trip fishing and kayaking through a faraway river system, you may find yourself looking for a kayak of your own. In this buyer’s guide, you will find some great options.

Whether you travel rarely or make globetrotting a part of your daily business, there are plenty of hobbies and activities you can engage in when you travel to make your journey more memorable and make better use of downtime in airport lounges or awake with jet-lag.

Try a few of these hobbies next time you travel and you could find that you are getting more from your vacation than you ever have before, or you have turned a dull work trip into an adventure worth writing about.

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