Unbeatable Reasons to Ferry to the Bahamas 

Our Globetrotters - Unbeatable Reasons to Ferry to the Bahamas 

Crystal-clear waters, pristine beaches and vibrant culture make the Bahamas a dream destination for multifold travellers. There are several ways to reach this tropical paradise, but one of the most beneficial and fun ways is by ferry. This complete guide has everything you need to know about ferry to Bahamas, including routes, timetables and ticket sales. 

Routes and Operators 

Several ferry companies offer service between the United States and the Bahamas, departing primarily from Florida. Some of the most trendy routes include Miami to Bimini, Fort Lauderdale to Freeport and Fort Lauderdale to Grand Bahama Island. These routes are easily accessible and have regular departures throughout the year. 

OG Unbeatable Reasons to Ferry to the Bahamas - Routes and Operators 

The major ferry companies in the region are Baleria Caribbean, FRS Caribbean and Bahamas Ferries. Both of these companies offer modern, well-furnished vessels that ensure a comfortable journey.

  • Balearia Caribbean operates a flat-out ferry service from Fort Lauderdale to Grand Bahama Island, which takes approximately 4 hours.
  • FRS Caribbean also operates a high-speed ferry service from Miami to Bimini, which takes approximately 2 hours.
  • Bahamas Ferry, on the other hand, offers a more relaxed experience with gradual ferries connecting Fort Lauderdale and Freeport.  

Frequencies and Schedules 

Ferry schedules may vary seasonally, so checking current schedules before planning your trip is a good idea. Ferry services are more frequent during the peak tourist season, which usually lasts from December to April. Outside of this cycle, some routes may have fewer options or limited service. 

We recommend booking your tickets in advance to ensure your preferred departure point. For up-to-date information on timetables and frequencies, please visit the respective ferry company’s website or contact customer service.  

Ticketing and Immigration 

When it comes to buying tickets, buying ferry tickets is usually easy. Most ferry companies have online booking systems that make it easy to book tickets in advance. Alternatively, tickets can be purchased at the ferry terminal on the day of departure, but the tickets may be limited during busy times. 

OG Unbeatable Reasons to Ferry to the Bahamas - Ticketing and Immigration 

It is important to note that proper travel documents are required to travel to the Bahamas by ferry. All passengers must have a valid passport to enter the country. In addition, non-U.S. citizens may require visas and other special entry requirements. Always check the latest immigration regulations before travelling and make sure you have the necessary documents.  

Onboard Equipment and Services 

Ferries to the Bahamas offer a variety of onboard equipment and services to enhance your travel experience. Depending on the operator and ship, you can expect amenities such as convenient seating, air conditioning, toilets, an onboard cafe and snack bar, and WiFi connectivity. Some high-speed ferries offer entertainment options such as movies and live music to keep passengers entertained during their journey. 

Once you reach your destination in the Bahamas, you are free to explore the beautiful islands. The Bahamas offers a wide variety of attractiveness and activities, including pristine beaches, water sports, historical sites, local markets and delicious cuisine.  

OG Unbeatable Reasons to Ferry to the Bahamas - Onboard Equipment and Services 


Taking a ferry to the Bahamas is an exceptional option for travellers looking for a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Ferry companies such as Balearia Caribbean, FRS Caribbean and Bahamas Ferries offer efficient transportation services with a variety of routes, frequent schedules and comfortable vessels.

Be sure to check the current timetables, book your tickets in advance and have the necessary travel documents ready. Pack your bags, board the ferry, and get ready to experience the beauty and charisma of the Bahamas.  

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