Holiday Resorts In Fiji: 7 Questions To Ask

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To most, Fiji has become a go-to spot for pristine beaches, white, powdery sand, and exotic islands, making it a perfect holiday destination. This popular tourist spot in the Pacific region boasts more than 300 islands and provides an enjoyable respite for couples, families, and individuals. 

Although insanely famous as an island destination, Fiji offers various activities for luxury tourists and their families, honeymooners, and backpackers. Whether you want to explore the roads with a scenic trip, go island hopping to snorkel, dive, and swim, or experience the local vibe with the residents, you can book your escape according to your preferences. The key is to talk with travel specialists or representatives from Fiji holiday resorts to plan your activities well.

Choose your resort wisely for the best experience as you explore Fiji and its famous spots. You’ll never go wrong by asking the following questions:   

How Safe Is The Place?

Safety should be primordial to travellers, no matter where they may be. Individuals eyeing to book their getaway to Fiji would be glad to know that this island nation is generally safe for tourists. Of course, there could be petty crimes in crowded urban centres, like automated teller machine (ATM) skimming and theft, so never let your guard down.

It’s still imperative that you remain vigilant all the time because you never know what could happen. But generally, Fiji is safe for anyone who wants to enjoy what nature offers.

Should I Worry About Getting Infected With COVID?

Besides the stringent health protocols for tourists, there’s no need to get anxious about contracting the COVID-19 virus, which the Fijian government has proactively handled through high vaccination rates. The latest information shows that there have only been over 800 deaths from the virus in this island country.

More importantly, the government is running a Care Fiji Commitment program, assuring protection for all visitors. The island reopened its doors to international tourists in December 2021 and has trained tourism firms to keep their establishments safe for everyone by strictly implementing health standards to prevent COVID-19 infection.

Besides the minimum health protocols, each facility has a dedicated staff trained to activate World Health Organization-approved steps for managing COVID-19 response.

How Much Does It Cost?

Time and financial constraints dictate what we can and can’t do while on the island. It pays to plan your trip well by doing your homework. Identify the spots you want to explore and the activities you want to do to determine how long you need to stay on the island.

Different resorts cater to various client categories. Expect a premium on luxury hotels with complete amenities and less for accommodations reserved for backpackers. Generally, though, visitors have noted that the costs of staying and exploring Fiji are within budget, meaning, while they may not be the cheapest, they’re also not the most expensive.

Besides Swimming And Snorkelling, What Else Can We Do In Fiji?

Most resorts have amenities and can arrange multiple activities for individuals, couples, and families. Fiji is a family-friendly destination, and some hotels, especially the mid-level and luxury properties, can lend you water sports equipment either for free or for a price. Resorts may have inclusions depending on the reservation, so ask your resort representative about them.    

Otherwise, you can pay extra for meals and activities that you and your family find enjoyable and exciting. Note that Fiji is considered one of the best diving destinations in the world, and you can bring your children to experience exotic marine life at most sites.   

A man in diving suit in Fiji tropical waters

Additionally, you may arrange fishing trips, relaxing spa treatments, and island hopping, including visits to some top tourist attractions like the Mamanuca and Yasawa islands.   

What Payment Modes Are Accepted?

ATMs are available in several of the island’s tourist sites, including some hotels. Credit cards are also widely accepted as a payment method in most resorts. However, accommodations in remote places may not have such facilities, so it’s best to carry some Fijian dollars when venturing out to more secluded locations.

Are There Family Accommodations?

Like most Pacific Islanders, family is essential in Fiji. Hence, finding properties with programs for kids’ entertainment alongside other family-oriented activities won’t be challenging. You may even hire nannies in some hotels. 

If you’re on a honeymoon, you can also find private beaches and couple-friendly accommodations in Fiji. If you can, set your wedding in this exotic destination for a unique experience. Privacy and exclusivity have lured several Hollywood stars and wealthy personalities to this island, with a few purchasing small properties on hard-to-reach islands.

Can I Use My Phone Or The Internet?

Whether visiting Fiji for a weekend getaway or an exotic honeymoon, tourists must stay connected to the world through mobile devices. As in many parts of the world, internet service is relatively good in urban centres and hotels, but it can be problematic in some remote islands.

Choose to be proactive by switching your phone to international roaming or avail of paid WiFi services in select establishments if you can’t get it for free. Otherwise, a local subscriber identity module (SIM) can be had for lower fees.   

Fiji Resorts – The Takeaway

Fiji is one of the most popular island destinations in the world. And with hundreds of scenic islands to choose from, you’ll never run out of things to do and places to visit. Besides skimming the internet for information sources, talk with a resort representative to provide you with valuable information to plan your most amazing holiday.   

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