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I am sure you are all aware of Medellin once being one of the most infamous places in the world. Boasting top-notch gangs, drug cartels, criminal activities, and being a hub for the famous don Pablo Escobar, the city has had quite a dark past.

However, as of now, it can be considered one of the most charming tourist destinations in the world. If you are confused about where to spend a vacation this summer, you could definitely try visiting Medellin.

Tourists from all around the world are attracted to this place since it has a warm climate, a very intriguing culture, and magnificent heritage, with an easy and casual vibe. You can even save enough on your pockets while spending the best time with your family over here.

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A Little About Medellin

Before you book your tickets to this city, it is important that you get to know a little about it. In the country of Colombia lies the city of Medellin, which is the capital of the mountainous province of Antioquia. The place is often referred to as the ‘City Of Eternal Spring’.

It is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in South America. It is not only the beauty of this place that is breathtaking but also the restaurants, museums, boutiques, bars, and clubs that keep the tourists entertained throughout their stay.

The city emerges from the belly of Aburra Valley, which is located at a central part of the Andes Mountains. Being located at a higher altitude, the weather conditions here are quite different from other cities in Colombia.

The days usually remain warm and humid, while the nights are much cooler. However, if you are taking a trip to Medellin in the winter months, do not forget to carry some light jackets and sweaters to keep yourself and your family all cozy and warm.

Cable Car in Medellin
Cable Car Ernesto // Terenes via CanvaPro-Getty Images

How And When To Travel To Medellin?

Traveling to Medellin isn’t a thing to worry about, as some of the major airlines fly directly to the city’s airport. Traveling within the country, you could avail for the Avianca airlines. If you are someone traveling from Europe or the US, airlines such as Viva Air, Iberia, and American Airlines are the best possible options for flying.

One can even travel by overland buses from the cities of Bogota and Cali. The best time to take a trip to Medellin Colombia is, however, in the month of December. During the time of Christmas, the city suits up to be witnessed as one of the most stunning places to be at.

Each and every street and house is covered with lights and lanterns, which makes the city look magical. People get to indulge in the various concerts and parties and festivals which are hosted at that time.

Where To Stay In Medellin, Colombo?

Since you are new to this place, to book a hotel and spend your vacation, you need to have a fair idea about the areas and surroundings that would be suitable for you and your family.

Certain areas are quite popular with tourists, explorers, and expats such as  Estadium, El Poblado, Laureles, and Envigado. Let us have a look at some of the top choices of accommodation available in Medellin:

  1. Celestino Boutique Hotel
  2. Hotel Lleras Suite
  3. Los Patios Hostel
  4. Hotel Estelar Square
  5. The Charlee Hotel

Best Things To Explore In Medellin

It is very obvious that before wanting to spend a vacation in Medellin, you would want to be aware of what the place has to offer. Well, let me tell you that when in Medellin, visitors can get indulged in a variety of activities. Here are some of the best things to do in Medellin that you and your family can experience.

  1. Take A Walking Tour & Explore The City
  2. Taste The Locally Grown Coffee
  3. Take A Tour Of The Communa 13
  4. Get On A Chiva & Learn A Few Steps Of Salsa
  5. Visit The Museo Casa de la Memoria
  6. Visit Guatape On A Day Trip
  7. Stroll Around The Santo Domingo Metro Cable Station
  8. Get To See The Famous Fernando Botero Angulo Sculptures
  9. Go For A Hiking Trip On The Hill Of Three Cross Trail
  10.  Find The Most Delicious Food Around Mercado Del Rio
A day trip to Guatape Colombia // Giann Ho via CanvaPro-Getty Images

Final thoughts on Medellin

Well, there you have all the basic information that you needed to know for planning a family vacation in Medellin. If you had to ask me, I would say what I feel about this place is that it is very engaging.

It is a place that offers so much to know about and so many things to do that it anyhow feels less no matter how long you stay there. In addition to all that is the spectacular beauty of this classic paradise that tends to attract people from all around the world. 

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With thanks to Jais for his contribution to our guest series.  If you’d like to learn more about visiting Colombia with kids, why not check out our guide to Cartagena with Kids, or continuing around South America explore Rio De Janeiro & Cusco, Peru with kids.

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