Ultimate Guide to Exploring Bangkok with Young Kids

Many family travellers assume that Bangkok, Thailand is far from family-friendly. This is why so many families avoid Thailand’s capital city at all costs. From local ladyboys to late-night clubs, how could the crazy city of Bangkok ever be considered a family-friendly destination?

Well, guess what, Bangkok is actually way more family-oriented that you can imagine! Sure, there are areas of the city that are not suitable for youngins’, but there is plenty to see and do in Bangkok that the entire family will enjoy, even young children. After staying busy with these fun attractions and activities, you’ll certainly change your tune about the city’s family-friendliness.

After exploring the capital, make your way north from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, or head to the southern islands such as Phi Phi. Thailand has so much to offer, especially in terms of family-fun travel.

Southeast Asia’s Largest Aquarium

Most families travelling to Bangkok spend the majority of their time sightseeing outdoors, but sometimes that’s not an option. Especially if you’re planning your trip during Bangkok’s rainy season, you’ll need to resort to some indoor activities now and again. One of the best of these is the Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World Aquarium.

As the largest aquarium in all of SE Asia, you can expect to be wowed as soon as you walk through the Sea Life doors. The aquarium covers an impressive 10,000 meters of space, houses hundreds of unique marine species, and contains over 5 million litres of water.

Bangkok SEA Aquarium

Visit the Best Outdoor Playground in the City

Even though the majority of Bangkok is strictly urban, there are many little pockets of green space throughout the city. The perfect one for kids is the playground at Lumbini Park. Locals, expats, and tourists all congregate at Lumpini with their kids; the park is home to the best outdoor playground in Bangkok. Just be aware of the massive lizards roaming around the park grounds.

Here’s what the city of Bangkok has to say about its most cherished park: “Lumpini Park is the first public park in Bangkok.  It is a multi-functional park where people can do several outdoor leisure activities under fresh air and shade.  A lot of flora and fauna and a large lake can be seen in the park. In the past, not only a public park for outdoor exercise but Lumpini Park also served as a place for having parties and ballroom dancing.”

Bangkok Lumbini Park

Check Out Bangkok’s Children’s Discovery Museum

Little ones aren’t always impressed with the same sites and sounds that attract full-grown adults, and half the battle of traveling with young kids is keeping them entertained. One of the best ways to do this in Bangkok is with a stop to the Children’s Discovery Museum.

This museum provides a wealth of educational fun for kids and even adults. The kiddos will have the chance to dig up dino bones, create giant bubbles, and play interactive games with other children. There’s even a large playground outside for getting the kids’ energy out after all the educational fun.

Sign Up for a Family Boat Trip

One of the best ways to explore the city without all the hectic Bangkok traffic is via the canals. Every single day the Chao Praya Express runs several boat trips through the city. The boat is actually meant for locals commuting to and from work, but many tourists also take advantage of the prescheduled boat rides.

Another popular boat service is Khlong Saen Saep Boat Service that runs through central Bangkok. Once again, this is mostly used by commuting locals. There is also the option to hire a private longboat from Tha Sathon Pier to take you and the kids along the Saphin Taksin waterway.

Watch a Siam Niramit Performance

The kid-friendly Thai performance known as Siam Niramit is an amazing way to travel to the enchanted kingdom of Siam. Kids absolutely love this elaborate performance since the costumes are elaborate, the colours vibrant, the songs and dances are catchy, and there are even animals involved.

Bangkok Siam Niramit performance

Get in Touch with Local Culture at Amphawa Market

Amphawa Market is the largest floating market in Bangkok. Yes, you read that right – the market is actually floating, each stall raised up on stilts over the river waterway. This is an amazing way for the family to experience Thai culture at its finest, and most hectic. The market is located just outside of Bangkok and takes about one hour by taxi from the city centre.

You can organize a day tour to Amphawa Market here.

Bangkok floating market

We hope you will see just how family-friendly the Thai capital can be.  For more family adventures in south-east Asia, check out our Discover Asia series.

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Bangkok with Kids

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