5 Exciting Things to Do with Kids in Luxembourg: A Small Country with Big Adventures

Our Globetrotters - 5 Exciting Things to Do with Kids in Luxembourg

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Luxembourg, a small country nestled in the heart of Europe, is a hidden gem when it comes to family-friendly activities. Despite its small size, Luxembourg offers a plethora of exciting experiences that will captivate the imaginations of children and adults alike.

In this blog post, we will highlight five amazing things to do with kids in Luxembourg while also sharing interesting facts about this unique country.

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Stroll in the City Center and Enjoy Hot Chocolate in Chocolate House

Start your adventure by taking a leisurely stroll through Luxembourg City’s captivating city centre. Explore the cobbled streets, marvel at the architecture, and soak in the charming atmosphere.

Don’t forget to visit the Chocolate House, located near the Royal Palace, where you can indulge in delicious hot chocolate while enjoying a fantastic view. The Chocolate House offers a delightful selection of hot chocolates with various flavours and toppings, making it a treat for the whole family.

For those visiting during hot days, make sure to bring extra clothes or a bathing suit, as there is a play area with water nearby. Kids can have a splashing good time and cool off, adding an extra layer of fun to this experience.


Parc Merveilleux: A Wonderland for Kids

Parc Merveilleux, a delightful amusement park located in Bettembourg, is a must-visit destination for families. The best part? It’s free of charge to enter! The park boasts a small playground where children can climb, slide, and swing to their heart’s content.

In addition to the playground, Parc Merveilleux offers a range of attractions and activities, including a mini-zoo with a variety of animals. For just 1€, you can purchase special food to feed the animals in the park, creating unforgettable moments of interaction. From adorable farm animals to majestic birds, kids will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the animal kingdom.

After a day of adventure, recharge at the small coffee place within the park, which offers refreshments for both children and adults. For an extra special experience, consider booking in advance to spend the night in one of the park’s enchanting tree houses, providing a magical experience for the whole family.


Explore the Wonders of Science at the Science Center

Nurture your child’s curiosity by visiting the Science Center in Luxembourg. This interactive museum offers a wide range of exhibits and hands-on activities that bring science to life. Kids can engage in fun experiments, explore the wonders of nature, and learn about cutting-edge technology.

The Science Center aims to inspire and educate young minds through interactive displays, engaging demonstrations, and informative workshops. Whether your child is interested in biology, physics, or chemistry, this science hub will spark their imagination and ignite a passion for discovery. With its engaging and educational displays, the Science Center guarantees an enriching experience for the entire family.


Visit Clervaux: A Charming Town with Cultural Delights

Take a trip to Clervaux, a picturesque town located in the northern part of Luxembourg. The highlight of this visit is the magnificent castle, where you can explore the exhibition of mini Luxembourg featuring all the castles in miniature format. This unique display allows kids to marvel at the intricacies of the castles while learning about the rich history of Luxembourg.

Additionally, the castle houses the renowned “Family of Man” exhibition, showcasing a captivating collection of photographs from around the world. This artistic experience will inspire children to appreciate different cultures and perspectives as they explore the powerful imagery captured by renowned photographers.

As you wander through the streets of Clervaux, take in the charming atmosphere and admire the town’s traditional architecture. This visit promises a delightful blend of history, culture, and art.


Embrace Nature at Weiswampach Lake

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in nature’s beauty at Weiswampach Lake. Located in the lush countryside, this serene lake offers a tranquil setting for a day of outdoor fun.

Families can enjoy a leisurely picnic by the water’s edge, go for a refreshing swim, or rent a paddleboat for a delightful adventure on the lake. Surrounded by picturesque scenery, Weiswampach Lake provides the perfect opportunity for children to connect with nature and engage in physical activities.

The expansive green spaces surrounding the lake also serve as excellent spots for a game of frisbee or flying a kite, creating lasting memories in the great outdoors. Nature enthusiasts can take a leisurely hike along the trails surrounding the lake, discovering the local flora and fauna along the way.

With its peaceful ambience and natural beauty, Weiswampach Lake offers a wonderful retreat for families seeking a day of relaxation and outdoor exploration.


Interesting Facts about Luxembourg:

Let’s now dive into some interesting facts about Luxembourg. This small country, right in the heart of Europe, is perfect for exploring, whether you’re short on time or looking for a quick stop between big cities like Berlin, Paris, or Brussels.

And guess what? The transportation system here is a total game-changer for families. Buses and trains are absolutely free throughout the entire country, which means you can hop on and off without worrying about those pesky transportation costs. Isn’t that fantastic and helpful?

Now, let’s talk about the linguistic charm of Luxembourg. While the official languages are Luxembourgish, German, and French, you’ll hear a beautiful mix of other languages too, like Portuguese, Italian, English, and Polish. It’s like a cultural melting pot where different tongues blend together, showcasing the country’s diverse heritage and international influence. How cool is that?

If you’re planning a trip with the kiddos, the best time to visit Luxembourg is from May to September. The weather is just perfect during these months, making it ideal for outdoor activities. You can explore the numerous parks, gardens, and lakes that Luxembourg has to offer. Picture yourself enjoying a sunny day in a lush park or splashing around in a crystal-clear lake. Pure bliss, right?

Here’s something special about Luxembourg: it holds the prestigious title of being the last remaining Grand Duchy in the world. It’s a place that exudes regal history and tradition, giving you a taste of royal life. Pretty fancy, isn’t it?

If you find yourself in Luxembourg on June 23rd, get ready for an incredible experience. It’s the country’s National Holiday, and Luxembourgers go all out to celebrate. You’ll spot national flags proudly waving everywhere, even hanging from the balconies of private houses. Take a stroll through the city centre, and you’ll notice shops proudly displaying a photo of the Grand Duc’s family, truly embracing the patriotic spirit.

And guess what happens on the evening of June 22nd? Brace yourself for a breathtaking firework display that lights up the sky, creating a dazzling and festive atmosphere. It’s a celebration you won’t want to miss!


Luxembourg, with its abundance of family-friendly activities, is a destination that should not be missed when planning a trip with kids. From exploring the charming city centre and indulging in hot chocolate at the Chocolate House to immersing in the wonders of nature at Weiswampach Lake, there is no shortage of exciting adventures.

The free transportation system, linguistic diversity, and unique cultural celebrations further add to the appeal of this small but remarkable country. Whether you have a short visit or are passing through, Luxembourg promises an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Plan your trip during the optimal months of May to September, and get ready to create cherished memories in the heart of Europe.

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