Creative Global Careers: See the World While Making a Living

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The top career for travel lovers is that of a tour guide, according to research undertaken by Indeed.

Of course, the idea of helping others get to know your area (or a specific area abroad that you specialize in) may sound less appealing than being a kind of “working tourist” yourself—one who is constantly discovering new cities, flavours, landscapes, and people.

If you are more into creative pursuits than nine-to-five office jobs, then you will certainly have no difficulty living your passion, since talent in everything from beauty to design is one of the workforce’s hottest commodities. If you are willing to put in the time required to train in a creative specialty, the following professions may be right up your street.

A Travelling Designer

Design in all its forms is key to making work and life more fun and functional, so if you have an eye for colour, proportion, and perspective, then you may be considering a job in this realm.

The good news is that demand for design jobs is on the rise. For instance, the interior design services market is expected to grow to $24 billion by 2025 and the home furnishings market alone is expected to grow by a whopping $355 billion between 2021 and 2025.

If you are decided on this path in the US, you will need to pass the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) exam and have a minimum of a two-year bachelor’s degree and two years’ work experience. When applying for on-the-job training, try to specialize in the interior design career path of your choice.

Just a few specialisms you might consider are residential design, commercial design, or interior architecture. This way, you can improve your chances of obtaining your dream post at a savvy international firm.

Big Four Fashion Week Makeup Artist

If bit cities like New York, Paris, London, and Milan go hand in your hand with your urban spirit, but you think you’d enjoy moving between these cities instead of living in just one of them year-round, make-up artistry is an ideal choice.

Makeup artists for top brands like Prada, Gucci, or Dior, are usually in-house. This is because designers have very individual visions of the types of looks they wish their models to sport at every show.

For instance, the Big Four Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Weeks saw smoky eyes and thick black-lined wings and eyeliner holding sway, while Christian Cowan went for a very nude, bare look, with natural eyes and bronzed, bronzed up cheeks, and lightly glossed lips.

To up your chances of acceptance at a fashion house, you will need to have a diploma in Cosmetology or Makeup plus at least three years experience. Building a wide portfolio that shows your range and vision will also help attract the eye of top firms’ HR departments.

Travel Writer

Could you imagine being able to make $50,000 or above while moving non-stop in search of new cities, landscapes, and culinary hubs? The best thing about being a travel writer is that anyone with a talent for words can make it big in the business—especially if they have photography skills to boot.

a man working remotely on his latop with camera and notepad

If this career appeals, then it is wise to invest in a Journalism or Creative Writing degree, but many short courses are well-reviewed. Investing time in study is a good idea because quality travel writing courses cover more than just writing. They also touch on subjects such as specialisms in travel writing, pitching your stories, and marketing and designing your own blog and social media channels. 

Many travel bloggers are able to supplement their writing income through travel affiliate programs and advertising networks on their own websites.

Most creative pursuits enable you to let your talent shine regardless of which part of the globe you call home. In this post, we have suggested three careers that are entirely different from each other, but all will have you being paid to see the world.

Regardless of which profession you choose, it is essential to invest in training and to build up a good CV by obtaining work experience in a desired specialty.

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