10 Cool Ways to Use Your Travel Photos and Videos

Collection of travel photos in a collage

Who doesn’t love visiting places across the country? Or all over the globe? What seems a bigger responsibility is a subtle way to preserve the pictures and video clips. Photo and video albums are too ancient a method. Something afresh needs to replace them. The internet and social media are replete with creative ideas to your rescue. Get the better of all such snaps in the coolest possible way.

Some of the ways are listed below. Find the one that best intrigues you.

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Photo Collage

You can never go wrong with a stunning photo collage! This method is conventional yet super suitable. Just one look at a collage and all the awesome memories of your trip, journey come gushing back. What can be a more refined version of a simple collage – a spectacular canvas print!

Canvaspop’s photo collage can turn out to be your favourite accessory in the house. You can order a collage of up to 24 images. Select the frame of your choice, get a preview in the form of a digital copy, and deliver it to your doorstep.

Print a Photo Book

To secure all the travel snaps, make a photo album out of it. You can name it your “Trips till now”, “Wanderlust” or anything fancy you can come up with. There are a variety of stores and brands that offer a vast range of options on getting a printed album book. Choose from a variety of album designs, customizations, layouts, and any other thing that comes to your mind. It can be your mini escape from the present whenever you feel the need. Don’t forget to fill your photobooks with fun family travel captions!

A Map Bulletin

Hang all your trips and travel photos on the wall but in a quirky fashion. Outline a map on your wall or you can purchase a wall map sticker depending on the size of your wall. Put specific photos on specific places on the map, to where they belong. The idea is gaining immense popularity because it is so innovative and fun. It is a whimsical way to visualize the places and your memories there.

Turn into an amusing Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles have been everybody’s favorite. It has been appreciated and treasured for quite some time now. Did it ever occur to you that you can convert your cherished pictures into puzzles? Won’t it be fun? You could easily cure your boredom and even take a trip back simultaneously. Many stores can help you get the funniest, most incredible memoir of your wanderlust disposition. This concept is relatively new but surely will be interesting to try.

Use for greeting cards and postcards

With the advent of social media, we have greatly taken to online wishing and extending regards to our dear ones. However, anyone can be cheered up when a beautiful card shows up at their doorstep. You can personalize all such items for your loved people and lighten them up with your distant presence.

Postcards - using your travel photos

Your aesthetic and delightful travel photos can be used for greeting cards to be sent on different occasions. Customized postcards can always amplify your affection and can be such an innovative way to use your travel snaps.

Stickers for Journal

Very recently, journaling has come back into trend. It comprises noting down details of the day, and keeping a track of your goals, targets, and habits. This is instrumental in knowing and enhancing oneself. But the difficulty remains to be consistent in the same. So, many tips have been suggested online to maintain the flow – one being using stickers. But the stickers should be captivating enough to hold your attention. Use all those amazing clicks on your tours to make beautiful and engrossing stickers.


Keeping a tab of each day is the crucial requirement today. It is needless to mention that calendars are indispensable articles of our lives. Revamping them is not a necessity but can lend us ample vigor to drive passionately every day. You can get personal calendars exclusively made for you. Create a calendar encompassing all your travel photographs to date. A new month, a new memory. Or an even better option can be a new day, a new snap. Keep yourself pumped up with enthusiasm, every time you look at the calendar.

Print the pictures on unusual items

Printing pictures is the most basic idea you can get. But shouldn’t you try something a little over the top? Make your memories special by making them a little extra accessible. Go over the board and get your trip pictures printed on any clothing item – tees, jeggings, handkerchief. It will always feel endearing to hold those moments close to you. A more exquisite idea can be to print such photos on your curtain. Switch to nostalgia!

Gallery Wall

When you sit down to think of displaying the fun you have ever had on all your vacations, there are more ideas than a fridge magnet. Dedicate an entire wall in the house to hang pictures? It is time you pay heed to such ideas. The gram is a testament to people implementing these. A gallery wall is a pragmatic solution to your urge of exhibiting your gorgeous photos. Your “Wanderlust Corner” can even accommodate any souvenir that you procured from the places.

Screensaver on personal gadgets

You must have a great collection of vlogs or video recordings of all your favorite places you have ever been. And when was the last time you could properly have a look at those lively and wistful captures? A smart way can be to compile them into short screensavers. Use these self-made screensavers on any of your devices – phone, pc, laptop and catch a glimpse now and then.

All the above options are easily achievable. Just get a few things in order and your desired way of arrangement will be at your disposal. Think and secure an out-of-the-box experience and appreciation for your selection. Keep traveling for more memories and happening experiences.

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