Can I take my children to the Spa?

There were more than 149,000 spas around the world in 2017, and that number is steadily growing: wellness, relaxation and mindfulness have become increasingly popular in the last ten years as we have begun to understand the link between stress and illness.

It is important to keep your mind and body as healthy as possible, and that means taking some well-needed time out on a regular basis. Going to the spa is perfect for this – in the sauna, the steam room and jacuzzi, there are no distractions. You can truly switch off your mind and relax.

But what happens if you are travelling with children and teenagers

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Going to the day spa with kids

Generally, it is frowned upon to take very young children to the day spa. It is unlikely to be relaxing for you, and it certainly won’t be for other adults that have paid for a grown-up day out relaxing.

Teenagers are usually welcome, although many spas have a minimum age limit. Industry experts Viva recommend giving the spa a call to check their policy on children before you arrive. You may also find that there are restrictions on extra services like having a facial or a massage: for instance, there may be a rule that a parent has to be present in the room, or you may need to sign a consent form. 

Day Spa with Kids - mum and daughter having a pedicure done

Family-friendly spa days

If you have young children, then there are family-friendly spa venues that are perfect for bringing the whole family to, whatever the age of your children. These are the places where you can enjoy getting a manicure and pedicure together, as well as having a swim. 

NYC has a range of options, including Milk and Cookies, where your little one can relax with a Lemon Drop Cookie Treatment. The Lollipop Spa is another great option – it’s a great place for a civilised play-date – one where you will actually leave feeling relaxed. 

Destination spas

You can easily spend a week at a destination resort spa – they are focused on wellness and healthy living. There is generally a minimum age of 16, however, some of the larger spas, such as Canyon Ranch Lenox in Massachusetts have dropped this to 14, as long as teenagers are accompanied by an adult.

The destination spas offer activities like Thai Yoga, as well as traditional spa treatments. They are a great vacation option if you want to simply spend some time together and bond. 

Enjoying a relaxing time at the spa is certainly possible with children. It is a great opportunity to put away your smartphones and enjoy each other’s company in a stress-free environment. 

Do you have any day spas around the world you would suggest are great with kids?

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