Best Ways to Simplify Your Family Move

Family carrying moving boxes with two small children in empty house

Not all families move for the same reasons. However, whatever those reasons are, you can bet those guardians weigh their pros and cons thoroughly before deciding to move. That’s because things can become stressful and overwhelming for everyone if individuals aren’t careful.

After examining the perks and benefits of moving, people often determine that getting out of Dodge is best for all members of their households.

Then, once that determination is made, it’s time to get the ball rolling. After all, there will be lots to do, as people may need to find and purchase new homes and sell their current properties. Not to mention, what about the actual move? That could require them to hire a full-service moving company to transport their furniture, clothing, etc. And what about the family car? If you’re moving cross-country, do you really want to pack everyone into the cab like a can of sardines and drive?

Instead, you could get a shipper to transport your vehicle to the new city, state, or country. Then, you and your bunch can fly to the destination. That should help your family reach the place quickly and stay off each other’s nerves.

Get Prices from Multiple Shippers

Providing that you don’t want to overpay to ship your ride, it is best to get at least two to three auto transport quotes. Prices for such services can vary greatly, so you shouldn’t just pick the first company you find. That could result in you spending way too much of your hard-earned cash.

And, if that happens, financial challenges can present themselves elsewhere, complicating your move. Hence, take the time to get multiple estimates to ensure you aren’t stuck paying what feels like a fortune to ship your car.

So, what are you waiting for? Start obtaining car shipping quotes today.

Give to Your Favorite Charity

Simplifying a move doesn’t have to be challenging. Instead, a person can do minor things to make the venture a breeze. For example, the fewer belongings you take on a trip, the easier your life will be. Therefore, if your household could stand to downsize on material possessions, why not donate to charities of your choosing? That will reduce the number of items that you have to pack and move cross-country, help those in need, and you can even use the donation as a tax write-off. So, if you go this route, be sure to get a receipt for when tax season rolls around.

Use Small Boxes for Large Items

There are companies out there that will pack and unpack a family’s stuff. However, many people elect to handle these matters in-house. Regardless of why your family is taking a DIY approach to packing, make it a point to put heavy items into small boxes instead of large ones.

For one, a huge, overloaded container can be dangerous to lift. Thus, stick to smaller units that hold less to prevent your people from sustaining injuries.

In addition, heavy boxes are more likely to get dropped than their lightweight counterparts. Therefore, pack receptacles that don’t weigh a ton to ensure your belongings don’t break into a million pieces because a heavy box slips out of someone’s hands and falls to the ground or floor.

Family with moving boxes stepping into a new room

Packing Paper or Bubble Wrap?

Of course, if you wrap breakables, there’s a good chance they won’t actually break if a box gets dropped. That’s why you need to get your hands on some packing materials. The question is, “Should you choose packing paper or bubble wrap?”. Answers will probably vary, depending on who you ask. However, there are some pretty compelling reasons to go with the paper.

For example, if the price of packaging materials is your primary concern, purchasing packing paper is typically easier on one’s budget than bubble wrap. Also, paper is the more environmentally friendly solution. Hence, if you’re all about living a green lifestyle, that’s probably the way you’ll want to go. So, simplify your move by acquiring packing paper to insulate and safeguard your things.

Use Colored Tapes

Unpacking can be pretty time-consuming, especially if you don’t know which rooms to unload boxes in. Thankfully, this tip will eliminate that problem. Get different colored tapes to seal the boxes with, using the colors as indicators. For example, blue can be for the first-floor bathroom. Meanwhile, red can stand for the kitchen. Then, you’ll know which boxes go where, which should make unloading easier and quicker.

Some Final Thoughts

Moving can be tricky and even hard at times for families. That is why people should do what they can to make their moves as simple and straightforward as possible. These and other tips can help with that. Therefore, implement this and other advice into your moving routine whenever the need arises to ensure that all processes and procedures go smoothly during the event.

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