15 Best Caribbean Islands For Families You Need to Visit in 2024

Are you looking for the best islands in the Caribbean to visit with kids? Then I got you covered.

Traveling with children can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Picking the perfect destination to visit with your family is the first step to a stress-free and fun vacation for young and old.

The Caribbean is famous for white sandy beaches, shallow waters, and colorful houses. When visiting with your children, you are looking for safety, kid-friendly resorts, and fun activities to do.

I have been to the Caribbean many times and gotten a good overview of the different islands.

To save you some time on research, I have compiled a list of the best Caribbean islands to visit with families.

Let’s get to it.

This is a guest post contributed by Sabrina from Shades of Summr

1. Curacao

Curaçao is a dream destination for families in the Caribbean. The colorful streets in Willemstad are always a hit – not just with kids.

The beaches are another major plus for a family vacation. The calm, clear waters are great for children to safely play and snorkel boat trips.

Curacao Drone image over the clear blue waters

A spot not to miss with families is the Curaçao Sea Aquarium. This place is interactive and allows kids to get up close to marine life. They can check out starfish and sea cucumbers. The dolphin show is always a crowd-pleaser, even for grown-ups.

For the adventurous, the HATO Caves are a must-see. They are filled with stalagmites and stalactites and offer a bit of adventure without being too intense. Plus, there are bats to spot, adding a bit of excitement to the tour.

Food-wise, Curaçao has something for everyone, even if you have picky eaters. You’ll find everything, from fresh seafood to kid-friendly snacks.

Curaçao is a mix of beach fun, educational spots, and yummy food. It is my personal winner for families with kids.

2. US Virgin Islands

The U.S. Virgin Islands are a paradise for families and are high on my list of best Caribbean islands with kids.

The beaches are to die for. The soft sand and shallow waters are ideal for building sandcastles or playing around.

Locations like Magens Bay on St. Thomas are perfect for a relaxed day with the little ones.

If your children are a bit older and adventurous, you can head to the Virgin Islands National Park on St. John. It’s a great spot to teach kids about nature without overwhelming them.

Coral World Ocean Park is another must-do for families. The marine park on St. Thomas has aquariums, sea lion shows, and much more. Kids can learn about coral reefs and animals in a super fun setting.

Charlotte Amalie, the capital of St. Thomas, has forts and museums that make history come alive. Your kids will immediately be pretending to be pirates, I can guarantee you that.

3. Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is another cool place for a family getaway in the Caribbean.

Bavaro Beach in Punta Cana is super kid-friendly with its shallow shoreline —perfect for paddling or even a family snorkel adventure.

When it comes to attractions, you’ve got Manatí Park, which is also in Punta Cana. It’s a mix of a zoo and an amusement park. There are interactive animal shows, which the kids will totally love.

If you’ve got some little adventurers in your family, the 27 Waterfalls of Damajagua is a cool spot to visit. It’s a natural water park where you can hike, slide, and jump through some cascading waterfalls. You can choose some less challenging routes if the kids are too young for the full experience.

The Dominican Republic is also a pretty safe spot to travel to with children. You should be good to go, especially if you stick to touristic areas and supervised activities.

4. Bonaire

Bonaire is a totally underrated treasure in the Caribbean, especially for families.

The island is not as well-known as others on this list, so the beaches are usually less crowded. This makes it a lot easier to keep an eye on the kids. Places like Te Amo Beach have shallow, calm waters, ideal for little ones to get their feet wet.

Bonaire is mainly famous for diving and snorkeling, and it doesn’t disappoint. Even kids can get in on the action with snorkeling boat tours that are safe and super fun. Many snorkeling spots are also accessible right from the shore, so it’s hassle-free and cheap.

Washington Slagbaai

For a cool family adventure, head to Washington Slagbaai National Park. This place is a playground for explorers. You can see flamingos, iguanas, and hidden beaches and bays There are even some easier hiking trails suitable for families.

When it comes to safety, Bonaire is generally considered a safe island, so it is a perfect spot to visit in the Caribbean with children.

5. Bahamas

The Bahamas are a family-friendly paradise in the Caribbean. First off, the beaches are great. Take Cable Beach in Nassau, for example—shallow waters and soft sand make it a go-to for families with smaller kids.

Have you ever heard of Blue Lagoon Island? It’s this awesome private island near Nassau, and they offer a super cool dolphin encounter program. Kids will be having the time of their lives and learn some important lessons about marine life.

If your family’s into exploring, you’ve gotta hit the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. That’s where you can find the famous swimming pigs. Yes, pigs! And you can go snorkeling in crystal-clear waters.

It’s a pretty unique adventure that kids and their parents alike will absolutely love.

6. Aruba

Aruba is another Caribbean Island that’s awesome for families.

Aruba’s beaches are incredible, the best I have ever seen. Palm Beach and Baby Beach are super popular, and for good reason. They have calm and turquoise waters, that are perfect for the kids to play safely.

Aruba Beach bay

If your family is into sea life and fun, you have to check out De Palm Island. It’s this all-inclusive island and water park. There you can try snuba, which is like a mix of snorkeling and scuba diving. There are also water slides and splash parks for the little ones.

If you want a break from the beach, head over to the Butterfly Farm or the Donkey Sanctuary. Both are big hits with kids.

You can also visit the flamingos of Aruba, but the beach is usually adults-only (except for an hour every morning.

Aruba is often considered one of the safest Caribbean islands, so it is a great spot for a worry-free vacation.

7. Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are another one of my favorite islands in the Caribbean with kids.

Seven Mile Beach is my favorite family-friendly beach on Grand Cayman. It’s got this endless stretch of white sand and super calm waters.

For an underwater adventure, check out Stingray City. It’s a sandbar where you can feed and swim with these awesome little creatures. It is totally safe and super cool for the kids.

Cayman Turtle Centre is another must-visit on your family vacay to the Cayman Islands. This place is part zoo, part conservation center. Kids can learn about sea turtles, and even hold the little ones. Trust me, it’s a hit with the young ones.

The Cayman Islands are, just like Aruba, known for being one of the safer spots in the Caribbean. This makes it an awesome spot for family travel in the Caribbean.

8. St Maarten

St. Maarten is a very special place to check out in the Caribbean since it’s half Dutch, half French. Also, it is all-around awesome for families.

First things first, the beaches. Great Bay Beach is perfect for families—shallow waters and plenty of room to run around and explore. Snorkeling is great here as well.

For something a bit different, take the kids to Loterie Farm. It’s an eco-adventure park. There you can zip-line, climb, and hike. There are also a few easier courses for younger kids, so everyone can join in on the fun.

Another cool spot is the St. Maarten Zoo. It’s quite small but I found it charming. They’ve got a lot of animals that kids can learn about. It’s a nice change of pace from the beach activities.

Safety-wise, St. Maarten is a safe and welcoming island, perfect for families with smaller kids.

9. Martinique

Martinique is a mix of French flair and Caribbean vibes, making it a unique destination for families. The island is quite family-friendly but not so much budget-friendly, as it is rather fancy.

Anse Dufour and Anse Noire are great beaches with shallow waters, perfect for families with young kids. You can swim, play in the sand, and snorkel there.

If you’ve got some nature lovers in the family, you can’t miss the Balata Gardens. It’s a beautiful botanical garden. They have tons of exotic plants and treetop walkways that kids usually love.

If you are ready for a bit of culture, check out La Savane des Esclaves. It’s an engaging open-air museum that offers a look into the island’s history. They have traditional huts, gardens, and even some farm animals to see. A great spot for young and old.

10. Grenada

Grenada is an underrated gem in the Caribbean for families. The beaches are super beautiful, my favorite is Grand Anse Beach. The water is calm, and the sand is soft—a great place for kids to play and parents to relax.

If adventure is more your thing, you need to check out the Seven Sisters Waterfalls. You can take a (guided) hike through the forest to reach them. I did not find it not super hard, so older kids should have no problem joining in.

If your family loves mystery, don’t skip the Underwater Sculpture Park while snorkeling. It’s basically an art gallery underneath the ocean with life-sized statues. Super unique and always a big hit with kids who like to snorkel.

11. Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is another Caribbean island that is great for families.

The best spot to start your vacation is Maracas Beach in Trinidad. It is great for swimming and even better for snacking. Make sure to try the “bake and shark,” a local delicacy that I simply love.

On the Tobago side, Pigeon Point is a hit with families. The water is very calm, so it’s awesome for younger kids. There, you can rent kayaks or try stand-up paddleboarding if you’re up for some water sports.

As for exploring, check out the Asa Wright Nature Centre in Trinidad. Walk through the rainforest, and you might spot colorful birds and even monkeys. It’s educational but in a fun, outdoorsy way.

Lastly, the Nylon Pool in Tobago is pretty magical, and your family should definitely hit it up. It’s a shallow, natural pool in the middle of the ocean.

Sadly, Trinidad and Tobago require a bit more caution compared to other Caribbean islands when safety is concerned. Stick to well-known beaches and tourist spots, especially with kids.

12. St Lucia

St. Lucia is a tropical paradise with a great vibe  – and it is perfect for families.

Reduit Beach is the best family-friendly beach, and it is a hot spot for families. The water is calm, making it perfect for the little ones to enjoy safely.

For an epic adventure, how about a day trip to Sulphur Springs? You can take a mud bath in the volcanic springs, which is not only cool but also great for the skin. Just imagine the family photos!

Ever been on a tram through the rainforest? St. Lucia’s got that too! The Aerial Tram takes you all the way. You’ll be offered amazing views and the chance to spot some wildlife. It’s like a nature lesson but way more fun.

When it comes to safety, St. Lucia is pretty much a safe destination, especially in the touristy areas. Always stay alert when traveling with kids though.

13. Colombia

This one is a bit more of a hidden gem among the best islands in the Caribbean for families. It is more suited to families with older kids who are interested in adventure.

Santa Marta in Colombia is a real gem, especially if you’ve got Tayrona National Park on your list.

Start off your holiday with Santa Marta’s beaches, like Playa Blanca. It’s got soft sand and calm waters, perfect for families to relax and swim.

Now, Tayrona National Park is a whole adventure by itself. You’ve got jungles, beaches, and wildlife all in one place.

The hikes there are incredible. Some trails are easier for families, so everyone can enjoy the natural beauty.

Also, there are some cool spots like La Piscina, which is a natural swimming pool protected by coral reefs. Ideal for kids to splash around in.

If you’re more into water activities, I suggest you go snorkeling in the park. The coral reefs there are pretty amazing.

14. British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are another great, family-friendly destination in the Caribbean.

First off, the beaches are stunning and make for some great family photos. Check out White Bay on Jost Van Dyke, kids will love to paddle in that one.

If you wanna visit more places and fancy some island-hopping, BVI is great for that!

You can rent a boat or hop on a day cruise to explore the smaller islands. Each one’s got its own vibe, so it’s like multiple vacations in one.

The Baths on Virgin Gorda are a must-see and one of my favorite places on the BVI.

You can see some cool natural pools and caves there. Kids can safely climb and explore.

Speaking of safety, the BVI is known to be one of the safest Caribbean destinations, perfect for a family vacation.

15. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, especially San Juan, is a cool choice for a family vacay! It is the last addition to my list of the best Caribbean islands to visit with kids.

First off, the beaches are awesome. Isla Verde Beach is always a hit with kids. Of course, Puerto Rico also has some great snorkeling spots, like Culebra, Fajardo, and San Juan.

You can also find some great, family-friendly, all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico.

If you want to explore a bit of nature, El Yunque National Forest is a must. It’s the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. National Forest System.

Take a hike and maybe even splash around in a waterfall. It’s like a jungle adventure the whole family can enjoy.

What Is the Best Time to Go to The Caribbean With Kids?

The best time to hit up the Caribbean with kids is from December to April.

That is the dry season in the Caribbean. That means less rain and more sunny days. It is the perfect time for beach fun and outdoor adventures. The weather is typically warm but not too hot, which is great for the smallest travelers.

School vacations, like Christmas and Spring Break, usually fall within these months. That means planning a family getaway is easier without messing up the school schedule.

One thing to keep in mind: this is also a high tourist season. Places can get crowded, and prices go up. If you want to save some cash and don’t mind a bit of rain, try going during the shoulder seasons in late April to June.

Hurricane season in the Caribbean is what you should avoid. It begins in June and lasts through November. The worst months are usually August and September.

The entire Caribbean is affected by that, but some islands are more visited by hurricanes than others. For example, the southern Dutch Antilles Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao are typically unaffected by hurricanes.

It’s not the ideal time for a family trip, especially with younger kids.

Conclusion: Best Caribbean Islands for Families

To sum it up, we’ve explored some of the best, family-friendly islands in the Caribbean that have stunning beaches and a mix of adventure, culture, and safety too.

My all-time favorite Caribbean Island is Curacao, but let’s not forget places like St. Maarten, with its incredible mix of Dutch and French influences.

Handelskade, Punda District, Curacao

Another underrated spot is the trails and beaches of Tayrona National Park near Santa Marta, Colombia.

Then there’s the British Virgin Islands, perfect for families who love island-hopping and a safe atmosphere.

Weather-wise, aiming for December to April is your best bet for a family vacation in the Caribbean. These months promise plenty of sunshine and less rainfall.

Just be prepared for a crowd, as this is peak tourist season. And if you’re considering visiting during the summer, remember that June to November is hurricane season.

So, make sure to check the weather reports and maybe opt for islands less prone to storms like Aruba or Bonaire.

Whether you’re after culture, adventure, or an All-Inclusive vacation on the beach, the Caribbean has got you covered. I hope you will have a family vacation you won’t soon forget.

Ready to pack those bags?

FAQ: Best Caribbean Islands for Families

Which Caribbean Island has the most activities for kids?

Puerto Rico, especially San Juan, takes the cake for the most activities for kids in the Caribbean. From family-friendly beaches like Isla Verde to rainforest adventures in El Yunque, it’s a playground. Another island known for lots of family-friendly activities is the Bahamas.

What is the safest island in the Caribbean for families?

Aruba is mostly considered the safest Caribbean destination for families. The island has a low crime rate, especially in tourist areas. It’s outside the hurricane belt, so weather worries are minimal. With its calm beaches like Palm Beach and Baby Beach and family-friendly activities, Aruba offers peace of mind along with a whole lot of fun.

Is The Caribbean good for kids?

The Caribbean is a good choice for a family vacation, also with smaller kids. With its calm, crystal-clear waters and activities like snorkeling, hiking, and boat trips, there’s something for every age. Plus, many islands focus on family-friendly resorts and amenities. Just pick the right time to dodge hurricane season, and you will have an amazing vacation in the Caribbean.

What must I consider when going to the Caribbean with kids?

When heading to the Caribbean with kids, consider safety first—pick an island known for being family-friendly. Check the weather, especially to avoid hurricane season. Look for resorts or areas with kid-friendly activities and amenities. Lastly, pack enough sunscreen and a travel pharmacy so you don’t run into trouble.

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