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When it comes to traveling to the airport in today’s world, you have plenty of options. You can take ground transportation such as a bus or a train that will take you to and from the airport, one could schedule an Uber or Lyft that will take them directly from their home and straight to the airport.

Another option is simply parking at the airport and dealing with the airport’s expensive parking rates. Lastly, another option is parking at an off-airport parking lot.

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Parking at an off-airport parking lot will not only most likely save you money, but it will provide you with a safe place to park while also allowing you to enjoy the comfort of your own vehicle and the peace of mind of knowing that your vehicle will be there when you arrive back from your trip.

Let’s look at some of the best airport parking providers you should consider when booking your next trip.

On Air Parking

On Air Parking offers some of the cheapest parking rates available and has locations that provide parking for many different airports throughout the United States. At On Air Parking, they pride themselves on providing the most affordable parking rates available, keeping our customers satisfied.

As soon as you make a purchase on their website, you will receive the details of where you are parking right away. On Air Parking’s traveler care team will be able to assist you if there are any delays in regard to your parking reservation.

To provide you with great deals, On Air Parking negotiates with professionally run parking companies to provide you with the best possible deals for your parking. Every facility is checked on all measures to ensure your safety and security.

On Air Parking also strives to ensure that there are free shuttles running around the clock, 24/7 for your convenience.


Another excellent option when looking for a cheap place to park when going to the airport is ParkRideFly. ParkRideFly is an off-airport parking company that has been around since 2005 and boasts around 45 different parking locations, each one providing parking for major airports throughout the United States.

ParkRideFly is also very easy to use; simply visit their website and schedule your parking for your trip, all made easy with their intuitive website. Once you arrive at the

ParkRideFly location of your choosing, the company’s friendly staff will take care of you by taking care of your vehicle and providing you with a safe place to leave your vehicle for the duration of your trip. ParkRideFly also takes care of your luggage as well in order to make sure that you and your things get to the airport in a timely manner.


Another wonderful option when looking for a trustworthy and convenient airport parking provider is WallyPark. WallyPark is an off-airport parking company that offers locations in the cities of Seattle, Denver, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

WallyPark’s goal is to make your traveling experience seamless and convenient. WallyPark’s focus is on making sure that they provide you with not only a convenient parking experience but also an affordable one. A good idea when using WallyPark is to reserve a parking slot in advance, especially during the holiday season.

When it comes to convenience, WallyPark provides just that by offering both a self-park or a valet service, depending on your preference. Once your parking is settled, WallyPark will provide you with a shuttle that will get you to and from the airport in a timely manner.

WallyPark goes above and beyond, and depending on which location you book with, WallyPark will even provide additional services such as pet care, a car wash, car detailing, and an oil change for your vehicle if deemed necessary.

The Parking Spot

Another great option when looking for the best airport parking services is The Parking Spot. The Parking Spot is made famous by their yellow and black spotted vans, and they offer over 20 different locations at major airports throughout the United States.

The first thing to do when working with The Parking Spot is, of course, to make a reservation. The Parking Spot’s website and mobile app make this very easy and convenient. You will also find comfort when booking parking through The Parking Spot because all of their parking facilities are very well-lit, safe, and always open and ready for you at your convenience.

The Parking Spot also offers The Parking Spot Club, which allows members to have extra perks such as waived reservation fees, earning free parking, and more added convenience. Simply download The Parking Spot app and use your phone to make payments simple and easy.

After you have booked your parking with The Parking Spot and arrive at your chosen location, the famous yellow and black spotted shuttle that The Parking Spot is known for will be ready to pick you up. The Parking Spot’s shuttles will also be able to pick you up from either your car or the garage pick-up area.

The Parking Spot will also be happy to clean your vehicle while you are away; that way, you arrive from your trip with a clear head and a fresh ride.

Park N’ Fly

An additional option for you when it comes to looking for airport parking providers is Park N’ Fly. Park N’ Fly is another off-airport company that offers a huge selection of parking, boasting over 70 parking locations throughout the United States.

Park N’ Fly is another example of a wonderful off-airport parking lot that provides excellent service at an affordable price. A big factor with Park N’ Fly is not only the number of different locations that they offer but also the way that Park N’ Fly will save you time.

Upon arriving at a Park N’ Fly parking lot, Park N’ Fly will pick you up at your vehicle in 5 minutes or less and drop you off at the terminal. In addition to saving time, many of Park N’ Fly’s parking locations also offer perks such as oil changes, car washes, and even pet boarding.

Park N’ Fly also offers parking for all vehicles, boasting very wide spaces for even the biggest of trucks, making sure to accommodate for all who decide to book parking through them.

Which airport parking provider to choose?

When looking to book a flight out of town, there are plenty of options that you could use. As discussed earlier, you may find that booking an Uber, Lyft, or taxi to take you to the airport will work just fine for you.

However, when looking to park your own vehicle, booking with these off airport parking companies will provide you with not only an affordable and convenient option, but an option that certainly beats parking at the airport directly.

On top of all the affordable and convenient options listed, some of these off-airport options listed provide even more that the airport will not provide you, such as an oil change or car wash. All of these lovely options are great ways to get the most bang for your buck when looking for airport parking.

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