Why Shipping Your Luggage is the Best Way to Travel

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Whether it’s relaxing on a beach, hiking among towering mountains, or roaming city streets, you deserve to travel stress-free on your vacation no matter the destination. But the first step to enjoying your getaway is actually getting there.

Regardless of where you’re travelling, whether it be close to home or a far-flung escape, we’re all faced with the same obstacle: the airport.

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As avid travellers, we understand the outdated airline process is far from glamorous. Luckily, we found a service that takes all the airport headaches away: ShipGo.

With ShipGo, you can travel with the comfort of knowing that your luggage and sporting equipment are already at your destination. ShipGo is a global delivery service that will pick up your baggage directly from your home, office, hotel, or resort.

All you have to do is pack your bags like you usually would for airline travel, attach your provided shipping label, and the next time you see your luggage will be at your destination.

ShipGo makes it easy to spend less time worrying about the logistics of your trip and more time enjoying the journey to your destination.

With rates as low as $34.99, complimentary insurance on every shipment, and on-time delivery guarantee, and access to real-time tracking, the benefits of their service truly set them apart from competitors.

Benefits of Shipping Luggage Ahead

By shipping ahead, consider all of the airport headaches you won’t have to endure:

  • Waiting in bag-check lines
  • Paying airline baggage fees
  • Lugging bags through TSA
  • Stuffing luggage into overhead bins
  • Waiting at baggage claim
  • Potential for lost or damaged luggage

The list goes on forever! Consider the benefits of shipping luggage ahead in different circumstances, too. Are you travelling with kids? More kids mean more baggage and a serious need for a free hand or two.

What about travelling with a pet? Your furry friend deserves all your attention. And when you ship luggage ahead, you can focus on what really matters.

Now, think beyond the airport. Rental cars cost a fortune, especially when you need a larger vehicle to accommodate families and all of their baggage. So, not only does shipping luggage ahead mean travelling more conveniently, but it also allows you to rent a smaller, more economical vehicle ultimately saving you additional dollars.

Jetting off on an international vacation? ShipGo services 180 countries and territories so you can enjoy bag-free travel to every corner of the world. International shipping is not only easy to navigate, but it saves you from worrying about your luggage making that connecting flight or getting lost along the way.

Their international shipping specialists are fluent in country-specific shipping policies and will even handle all customs paperwork on your behalf.

Orders can be placed online or over the phone seven days a week. Or, download ShipGo’s iOS app for stress-free travel right in your back pocket.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start enjoying the journey to your destination. Learn more about shipping luggage ahead or get a free quote today.

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