Travelling with family and friends

Bringing family and friends along for the journey

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Organising travel with your extended family can be a hugely rewarding experience where the positives should outweigh the negatives!  Nobody needs to be the host if you meet at a mutual destination and everyone can take turns with babysitting and other daily tasks so everyone gets at least a little ‘time off’.

Equally arranging to travel with friends who also have children of similar ages can be a rewarding experience where some of the responsibilities can be shared to maximise relaxation time for everyone. They should be understanding of your need to somewhat maintain a routine and restrictions to activities you can undertake depending on children’s ages. Remember you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends, pick wisely who you choose as travel companions if taking this course of action!

Here are some ideas to think about when travelling as a larger group;

  • Set expectations on what part of the normal routine must be maintained and where some flexibility can be allowed
  • If you will want some baby sitting or time alone, be clear up front what the expectation is. (This is a great opportunity for children who perhaps spend little time away from their own parents to gain some independence in a safe and loving environment)
  • Point out at the start that you don’t have to do everything together as a big group
  • If possible stay at the same place rather than organising rendezvous points.  A shared villa may be the best option and cheaper than several hotel rooms
  • Expect that your children will have at least one complete meltdown at some point to make you look like a completely incompetent parent
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