Road Trip Printables

Looking for some fun road trip activities to keep kids entertained?

We have a fun selection of printables available here exclusively for members of the Globetrotters Community.


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Road Trip Printables - Scavenger Hunt Junior
Road Trip Scavenger Hunt for pre-schoolers
Road trip Scavenger Hunt for Grade Schoolers


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Click on each of the graphics and it will take you to a printable PDF!

An individual challenge; who can spot the most colored cars?
It’s left vs right side of the car; tally up the animals you see, who can get the highest score?

Would You Rather Questions

Grab your whole set of 150 questions here!

Questions For Young Kids
Questions for Grade School Kids
Questions for Tweens & Teens

Want more resources to plan your next family road trip?

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And of course, grab your downloadable road trip packing list to pack up and prepare your car.

Need a packing checklist for your upcoming vacation?

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