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The Real Cost of Expat Living

What do cost of living surveys really mean for expat families?  Let’s explore… As I [...]

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How to Survive through a summer in the UAE

I love summer. It’s my favourite season, or at least it was; until I had [...]


Expat Parenting in Dubai: a Child’s Paradise

From Derby girl to Desert Dweller meet British Expat Mum Laura Our guest in the [...]

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Expat parenting: Tiny Expats taking big steps

From Europe to China and back again  Our Global Parenting series is back and today [...]


5 things I miss about Australia

This weekend marks a very significant occasion for citizens of Australia, New Zealand and Turkey.  [...]

Expat Parenting in Hardship Postings

Long distance parenting and working in post-war zones Bombings, malaria, civil war, earthquakes and evacuations. [...]


2015 safest cities revealed

How important is safety to your expat life? Being an expat in the Middle East [...]


Expat Parenting – Would You Gamble On Moving to Macau?

In this month’s Global Parenting feature, Our Globetrotters (OG) caught up with fellow Australian Gwen (G), [...]


Expat Parenting in Panama

Expat parenting in Colon, Panama with British expat Catherine Tropical storms, mosquitoes, power cuts and [...]

The Cost of Expat Living – Money Matters Part I

Chosen a city you could comfortably live in? Have a job offer on the table? [...]


Which are the World’s Most Liveable Cities?

Melbourne tops the tables again – or does it? What is it about a city [...]