Explore My City Guest Contributor Guidelines

Our 2021 guest series is now open

We are currently seeking guest bloggers for our annual summer series “Explore My City”.  Using the eyes of an expat or resident, what are the mustn’t miss attractions, activities and events in the city you call home?

The story might take the format of

  • What to do with 24 hours in… (example)
  • Top 10 things to do in…. (example)
  • Staycation ideas – easy short breaks you can take in your own city/country (example)
  • Where to take your family visitors (example)
  • Best family activities that you won’t find in a guidebook (example)

What we’re looking for; the fine print:

  • Stories must be from families who have actually lived in and become part of the local community in the chosen location i.e. I do not need stories on what you did with kids as visitors; we are looking through a resident’s eyes.
  • The focus is on family-friendly activities, eateries and events.
  • We are opening this up as a guest blogging opportunity only, we are not in a position to provide any remuneration but will provide follow links back to any original articles on your blog or your home page and your social channels (Our current Domain Authority 38).
  • We reserve the right to add affiliate links to your post. The published post will contain onscreen advertising through our partners Mediavine – you can learn more here. 
  • Copyright for submissions and photos remain yours, this will be stated in our blog post (If submitting a third party photo or images with other people’s children please ensure you have appropriate permission. Stock images must be free for commercial use, or provide appropriate accreditation).
  • The article can come from something you have already published, with the title, intro text and subheadings sufficiently changed for SEO purposes.
  • New articles, once posted by Our Globetrotters can be linked to your personal blog. If you wish to republish the article completely we ask that you wait at least 6 months from the original publish date and for a link to be made to the original article on our website. For SEO purposes, please do not copy the title or article in its entirety.

What we need from you:

  • A copy of the article in Word or Google Docs format. Minimum length of 1200 words.
  • Please ensure your work is spelling and grammar checked. Use of sub-headings, numbering and bullets are encouraged.  You can use either US or UK English, whichever fits your natural voice.
  • A brief bio about yourself and what your blog is about (ideally with a headshot or family photo).
  • At least 5 pictures that accompany your story in jpg format (with permission to use on our social platforms to promote the story). Ideally a mix of vertical and horizontal images (max 1080px x 720px). Please try and keep image sizes under 0.5MB
  • URL of the page(s) you would like to link. We will link your home page + up to 3 relevant links from your blog. Adding links to other authoritative sources is encouraged. [NB we may add additional affiliate links]
  • Up to 3 social media handles for your Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / Pinterest / YouTube.
  • Submissions to exploremycity@ourglobetrotters.com

Thank you for your interest in appearing on the Globetrotters blog. If your submission is successful, we will notify you of the expected publishing date within 7 days.

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