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Creating a Plan B: How to Handle Allergic Reactions on a Family Trip

From sneezing to itchy skin, runny eyes, and anaphylactic shock, allergic reactions are no walk [...]

What to Pack in a First Aid Kit When Travelling With Kids

Keeping your family well on the move – First Aid essentials Marking World First Aid [...]


Best Mosquito Repellent Patches to Keep Kids Safe

Defending your family against mosquitos without harmful chemicals Nothing can ruin your family trip in [...]

Best Snacks For Hiking with Kids – the perfect energy boost

I don’t think I will ever tire of reminding you snacks are the key to [...]

Feeding Your Kids on the Move; Top Tips For Travelling Families

Keeping your little one’s bellies full & energy levels on track can be one of [...]

Family Separation through the Pandemic: 5 Tips for Supporting Children of Expatriates

Guest post from Parenting Practitioner Sarina Elder As challenging as this year has been for [...]

Zika Virus: Information for pregnant travellers

Key information to know about Zika virus and the impact on family travel plans Given many [...]


Danger in the Air – Flying with Allergies

Interview with a family who have learnt to cope when flying with allergies Family travel [...]


15 practical ways to conquer jet lag

Getting the balance right and helping kids recover from long-haul travel Jet lag is an [...]

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