Great reasons to travel while in college

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So students think that tuition and other expenses will necessarily put a lid on travelling as soon as they get into college. Needless to say, the cost of higher education is frustrating and often interferes with students’ passion for travelling. But in fact, college offers numerous travel opportunities for young learners.

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Students have fewer responsibilities and are less overburdened with chores than their adult counterparts who work full-time. Moreover, they may take advantage of scheduled holidays and travel discounts, which are also conducive to seeing the world. So, college is the best period when you can visit other countries, explore foreign cultures, and make new friends in different corners of the world.

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If you still have doubts as to whether travelling in college is worth giving a shot, go on reading our article.

Travelling Imbues Life with Meaning

Let’s face it, we often complain about our life. Chronic fatigue, inability to catch up on lost sleep, student loans, part-time jobs, tight budget, picky teachers, and tons of homework… At times, it seems that our life is falling apart, and then we start indulging in self-pity. But those who travel have a chance to see how other people live and survive in this world.

Chances are a trip to Delhi or Dhaka will teach you to truly love and appreciate what you have. Moreover, going overseas is a great opportunity to dispel boredom and discover new sources of inspiration. New acquaintances, places, cultures, food, and tons of impressions will remind you that you’re a small still meaningful part of the world. Thus, travelling will help you become a spiritually mature, composed, and accomplished person.

Travelling Makes You More Confident

Even if you’re not travelling solo, you’ll need to solve all manner of problems that arise during the trip. One way or another, you learn to rely on yourself, your intuition, wit, and knowledge during the trip. Also, travelling is impossible without interacting and communicating with different people, which allows you to build up self-confidence. Odds are good that travelling will teach you to deal with challenges more mindfully and overcome obstacles, which are indispensable skills.

Travelling Can Teach You Cultural Sensitivity

You’ll never be able to fathom out the importance of such concepts as cultural relativism and cultural diversity if you don’t venture to break out of your comfort zone. Not only does travelling overseas broadens your horizons, but also teaches you to practice cultural sensitivity.

While travelling, you familiarize yourself with other people’s traditions, customs, lifestyles, and values. You learn to notice the beauty in something you once considered ugly or alien. You start noticing not only differences but also inherent similarities between cultures. Thus, travelling makes you a spiritually, morally, and intellectually rich and versatile person, well-adjusted to living in our globalizing world.

Learning While Travelling

Undoubtedly, you’ve been told countless times that travelling is the best way to learn a foreign language. A student who dreams to master, say, the Japanese language goes to Japan, while those who want to speak English fluently visit Britain or the US.

Still, learning foreign languages isn’t the only valuable asset you can acquire while travelling. You may succeed in developing and honing a variety of other skills such as the ability to find common ground with different people, mitigate conflicts, settle disputes, solve problems in an efficient manner, and thrive in stressful situations. Needless to say, all those skills and abilities will come in handy in college.

Don’t put off the trip of a lifetime. Don’t wait until the moment when you’re allegedly more financially secure and older. Carpe diem! Hope on a plane, bus, or train heading toward your dream destination! 

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Travel during college

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