Interesting Ways For Students To Travel For Free

The university period of life is the best time to travel thanks to long summer holidays, new friends, and the spirit of adventure all young people share in common. Quite often, the only thing that can stop a student from travelling is money issues. Can you afford to travel during college? 

If your budget is quite tight, don’t assume travel is impossible; we have prepared for you several ways how to travel for free – even ways that pay you to travel!

You should use your months off over the summer to go across the country or even visit foreign countries. Now you have the maturity but do not have as many responsibilities as you will have in your adult life. That is why, now, when you are a student, it is the best time for travelling.

If only things were that simple. Students have to pay for their studies, rent, food, and nights out. There are many assignments to complete first, too. All this may make travelling feel like a distant dream, but there are ways to be clever and creative in making the most of your college years.

You can ask for assistance at reliable writing companies if you have an urgent writing assignment deadline. Once you are inspired to travel, nothing will stop you. You can order research papers for sale online. This will not cost you a lot, and you will spare you time for getting out and exploring the world sooner.

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Cultural exchange schemes for students

In many countries, government departments fund quite a limited number of undergraduate students to participate in cultural exchange programs. Students can be sent to China or India for three weeks. As a rule, the government covers the expenses for students’ accommodation, transport within the country, and other subsistence costs, such as flights, visas, and vaccinations. You should not lose the opportunity to immerse yourself in a completely different culture, try a new cuisine, and learn new languages and ancient traditions.

Teach English abroad

Usually, teachers or students who speak the English language fluently have a lot of excellent opportunities to travel around the world while teaching English as a foreign language. You will get to know a new culture from the inside, meet a lot of open-minded people, and also your expenses will be covered by the inviting school. By completing a TEFL Level 5 course, a student can quickly become qualified to teach English abroad.

Check for travel grants for students

Some students can’t believe that there are some organizations that are created with the purpose of funding travel. In order to receive enough cash for your trip, students will have to present a clear and well-considered plan. You have to convince the board of people that your trip is worth being funded.

Make sure that your trip can enhance personal or cultural development. Do not forget to read the specifications and criteria. You can check the SPRET which is a popular educational trust. It offers general funding to student travellers.

Enter competitions

Students can participate in competitions that offer appealing prizes. We recommend you keep an eye on the following resources: and World Nomads. They run regular competitions for young and talented writers, bloggers, photographers and film/documentary-makers.

Study abroad

Try to find a degree course which includes a year in a foreign country. It is a great opportunity for students to spend time in a foreign country as part of their studies. If you dream of traveling around Europe, you should check the ERASMUS exchange scheme. If you get accepted, grants and scholarships with financial assistance are available for you.

Hitchhiking and couchsurfing

Start with reading the book of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. Surely, it will inspire you to try hitchhiking across your country. Hitchhiking is safe if you are sensible, take precautions, and keep always alert. You can combine hitchhiking with Couchsurfing, which is a special service to stay at a local person’s home without paying. Use this online community to travel without spending money on hotels and transport.

Try working on farms

Get ready to make your hands a bit dirty. Visit the official website of WWOOF to find farming work in many different countries. You will be provided with food, accommodation, and basic stipends in exchange for your labour on the farm.

Note, that you will have to pay a small fee for membership and access to their network to find either short-term and long-term work. You will enjoy living the simple life on the farm!

When it is possible, students have to take advantage of travel opportunities. Stay open-minded, meet new people, try new things, and you will come out of it with new perspectives, foreign language skills, and so many emotions and beautiful flashbacks.

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