What is the best way to explore Dubai?

overhead view of the busy freeways and burj khalifa in dubai

Dubai has quickly become one of the world’s most renowned tourist destinations over the last two decade. Whether it’s fly-through visitors taking advantage of the convenient route through the Middle East to those fascinated by the city’s architectural beauty or the plethora of entertainment options on hand (not to mention year-round sunshine) – it’s a city that everyone is curious about!

Being such a large city, there are various ways in which you can explore Dubai. You can hop on the Metro or hire a car to explore on your own, or go with a tourist guide or tour bus to be shown around the city. It really depends on how long you have and in how much detail you would like to explore.

If you’re taking the self-guided method, you might like to hire a car from any professional Rent A Car Dubai company for the duration of your stay. By hiring a car, you will have the freedom to move at your own pace – and explore the Emirates well beyond the city of Dubai.

In this post, we will discuss:

  • What is the best way to explore Dubai?
  • Best activities you should try in Dubai
  • Transport methods to use for a Dubai visit
  • When hiring a tourist guide might be a good idea
  • Why should you hire a car in Dubai?

What’s the best way to explore Dubai?

The most thorough way to explore Dubai is by using the services of a professional tour guide. Joining a tour group or hiring a private tour guide maybe a slightly more costly way to see the city of Dubai, but it comes with many benefits, from assisting with the language aspects to filling you with their tales from the city’s past and bringing the story of Dubai to life.

A private tour guide, in particular, can work with your groups’ needs in taking you to the places you are most interested in and accommodating all your needs. They will help you with seeking out the hidden gems and getting you off the normal tourist path.

With a little longer in Dubai, though, you may prefer the independence of having your own car. So much of the country’s beauty and history lies beyond the big city of Dubai, and a car of your own will help you get to these more far-flung places.

Best activities you should try in Dubai

When it comes to exploring Dubai, there are so many aspects that could be covered – you would need weeks to do the city justice! If you only have less than a week, as most visitors do, you will need to narrow it down to the attractions and part of the city that interest you most. This might include:

  • Exploring the desert ecosystem of Dubai
  • Splashing into the water parks & theme parks
  • Marvelling at the architectural wonders of the modern city skyline
  • Embracing the mosques and museums
  • Learning more about Dubai Creek & historical Dubai
  • Shopping opportunities & retail therapy
  • Beaches, parks & recreation opportunities along the waters of the Arabian Gulf
  • The fabulous foodie scene Dubai has become famous for
  • Boat parties, private beach clubs and the clubbing scene
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You can find an absolutely bumper list here of all the tourist attractions and places you should visit in Dubai

Transport methods to use for a Dubai visit

If you only have a short time and want to squeeze in as much as possible, opt for a tourist bus. Several companies run double-decker tourists buses, which will help you get from A to B and provide you with informative commentary along the way in multiple languages.

There is, of course, a comprehensive public transport system in Dubai too. Through a combination of the Metro, buses, taxies even water ferries, you can navigate the city on your own with a Nol card. Public transport is reasonably priced in Dubai for tourists; however, you would miss out on a tourist guide’s commentary and personalised touches.

When hiring a tourist guide might be a good idea

There are different types of tourist guides in Dubai who offer reliable and customer-friendly services – be it in a public group tour or personalised just for you.

You can employ guides who speak your native language to help you better understand the city and its history, or seek out native Emirati guides who know their city best.

Most importantly, if you are heading beyond the city, you will want an experienced desert driver’s expertise. The freeway driving can be challenging in Dubai and as soon as you head off-road and into the desert, you will be glad to have their knowledge and expertise!

Desert tour drivers have the skills and knowledge you will want on a trip to Dubai

When should you hire a car in Dubai?

If you are travelling with a family group or friends, hiring a car is an excellent idea. You don’t have to buy Nol cards for the Metro or pay for every single person, nor navigate systems in a foreign language – though you do need good driving skills to deal with the multi-lane freeways and fast-moving traffic.

A car will give you the flexibility to go anywhere, any time and most hotels do not charge for car parking, making it a cost-effective choice. Opt for a cheap car rental Dubai company to enjoy a budget-friendly trip in your own car.

Final thoughts on exploring Dubai

The best way to explore around Dubai is first to establish exactly what you would like to see and do – and we know the choices are endless!

As well as researching your flights and accommodation, spend some time determining how you will actually get around and what sort of experience you’d like to have. If exploring and learning about the places you visit is important to you – hire a tourist guide – but if self-exploration is your thing, you can rent a car from RentalcarsUAE to explore Dubai in your own way.

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