The Baby Globetrotters are growing up

And just like that, in the blink of an eye, they are no longer babies

People warned us this would happen. “Cherish every moment”, they said; “you’ll look back at this and laugh”, they said.  With every sleep deprived, sanity stretched inch of our bodies, we hoped what we were being told was true.  We didn’t dream to think it was possible – but yes your babies do eventually grow up and become independent little people – world explorers no less.

The original Baby Globetrotters blog was born not long after we made the decision to become expats and move to the UAE, between the arrival of babies number 2 and 3.  We had not just babies on the mind but a steely determination that we were still going to keep seeing the world, making the most of our expat posting in the centre of the world.  We started to share those adventures online for curious friends and family… and then it grew, and grew!

Our outlook on the art of the possible with 3 kids has certainly changed with each age and stage. We have made some poor choices – and some great ones – but one thing is for sure we are so glad we have done it.

Between the five of us, we have now amassed an astounding 1 MILLION AIRMILES since 2010. That’s a lot of sitting still. A lot of customs queues. A lot of changing nappies in ridiculously small spaces. And a lot of jet lag.  We have  made flying with kids somewhat of an art form over the years – enough to dedicate a whole website section to it!

The baby globetrotting days though are slowly but surely coming to an end. We are almost out of nappies, and only taking the occasion stroller with us – not always the entire fleet!!!

Our last summer adventure we even left the house with just one suitcase (and one parent!), you’ll make compact travellers out of us yet!!

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What can you expect from the new website Our Globetrotters?

We aim to move towards becoming a wider community resource for travelling parents.  Both on the blog and on our social media channels we will be covering off the issues around family travel and expat life that you find most challenging.

Travel stories and advice

We will still, of course, be throwing in some of our own travel adventures, trying and testing hotels, airlines and travel products.  Our 3 blonde-haired Globetrotters are still the stars of the show! And all the great advice that we have gathered so far on Baby Travel and Toddler Travel can still be found on the blog.

Our travel plans in the next 12-months will be more Middle East centred around our home country the United Arab Emirates, as well as covering Oman and Jordan.  We will again be making our annual pilgrimage home to Australia in July, and exploring one of our favourite corners of the world, South East Asia.

Travel challenges

As our kids are growing older, we are recognising that the travel and parenting challenges continue, albeit in a slightly less messy way (you can bet your life we will still be packing the wet wipes). We are perennially tackling the issue of finding accommodation that can easily fit all 5 of us; And fitting our worldly travels into allocated school holidays – which inevitably means the crowds and the costs go up.

Travel savings & style

We’ll be helping you with more pointers on vacation savings and tips and hacks we’ve learnt to make family travel affordable. We are by no means a budget travel blog – but nor are we willing to pay through the nose when there are 5 of us to consider! We like to think of ourselves as falling into the “affordable luxury” category!


You’ll find a new resource section added soon for educational tools for kids.   The Globetrotters are becoming far more acutely aware of the world around them and how things differ from country to country. As we find resources that help with this learning, appropriate to the different age groups, we will share these with you.  In the meantime check out our educational gift ideas post to get you going!

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Travel Community

As part of the community approach to blogging, we will also be expanding our guest post opportunities for other travel bloggers and ordinary parents who want to share their experiences.  The more “real life reviews” we can share, the easier it will make your travel planning – we know nothing beats a personal recommendation and we want to be your word-of-mouth platform.

Our new website

The new website has been designed to be easier to navigate.  The home page now has a shiny new map feature makes it easy to pin-point stories of interest to you from around the globe – give it a whirl now! 

home page Placeholder
home page

A new name, a new outlook

So to be clear, it’s the same old globetrotting family – just a new blog name and a new focus on the post-toddler stage.  Our Globetrotters represents our kids – and yours – on a worldwide adventure! We want you to feel confident you can travel the world with kids too.

How can you keep up with the Globetrotters?

We know checking out travel news and inspiration isn’t something you have time for every day, so why not sign up to our monthly digest where we’ll send you through bite size chunks of travel ideas (no spammy stuff, I promise!) that you can read in your own time.


And follow along with us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest – we update all of these social platforms daily with travel & expat life articles and inspiration.

We are part of a great community of fellow bloggers who you can follow via #FTB100 on social media, as well as #uaemombloggers in the UAE. We also highly encourage our followers to jump on to the Facebook group “Family Travel Inspiration” – an open platform for parents to share travel ideas and getting advice and inspiration from fellow travel bloggers based all over the world.

 So what are you waiting for?  Go and explore the new Globetrotters website and let us know what you think!

We love hearing from our readers, so do drop us your questions or comments at any time

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Thanks from Keri, Mr Globetrotter & our 3 Globetrotters


Techie stuff and thanks

A special thanks to our web designer Annie from A Wright Web Design and Software (who you may also remember from our interview on expat parenting in Zambia) who, despite lightening strikes internet outages and time zone differences has helped us bring the new website to life and done all the techie name changey things to the website I wouldn’t have a clue how to do!!

We use BlueHost for all our internet hosting and the theme was developed from SimpleMag, available from Theme Forest.  Interactive World Map plugin is available from Code Canyon. Credit must also go to the team at Travel Blog Success for helping us grow from a simple blog about our own experiences to an online business which literally allows us to travel around the globe. And to all the fellow bloggers who have encouraged, inspired and most importantly become real-life friends, thank you. 

Creating Confident World travellers at Our Globetrotters


    • I love it – now I know how to use it!! I have coordinates coming out my ears! Seriously check out the link in the article if you’re interested : )

  • Well this looks I N C R E D I B L E Keri!!! I will never stop being amazed by all you achieve and inspired by the amount you give. Absolutely LOVE the the look. Site is really easy to follow and navigate around, it looks refreshing and uncluttered and straight away makes you feel like putting on the kettle and sitting down for a good old catch up – or maybe we should just head to jones again…?

    Hugest congratulations, I wish you all the success you deserve with your new update. X

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