5 great reasons to follow us on Pinterest

Nobody can know it all – especially when it comes to a topic as broad as travelling the globe with kids!

I must admit to being social media shy until I undertook the Baby Globetrotters project last year – now I just love it! My blog can bring you my spin on family life on the road, living in a different culture to my own upbringing and seeing the world through my children’s eyes, but I am certainly not a pioneer here; the more I read and discover from other travel and expat bloggers, the more adventurous I get.

My favourite social media platform by far has been Pinterest. Not only for building my own travel related ideas but it’s a great way I can help you all – my lovely readers – by collaborating with thousands of others interested in the same things to bring you a broad range of articles and ideas that will interest you and your families on my boards.

(Am I speaking a foreign language here? Then read the introductory guide to Pinterest before you read on!)pinterest

Still not convinced? Here are 5 great reasons to follow Our Globetrotters on Pinterest now!

love to travel quote1. Get Inspiration

Get inspired to travel with your kids – from inspirational quotes and bucket list destinations to some exerts and pictures from our own first-hand adventures and upcoming destinations.

Build your inner wanderlust 

packing link2. Get Advice

Great tips on how to travel as a family – including packing lists, busy bags, best times to book flights and looking after yourselves on the road.

Build your confidence to travel with your family 

3. Learn how to save more to travel more! 

Revealing the secrets of frequent flyers, from how to accumulate miles on your credit cards to who has the best programs and what the real cost of loyalty is.

Build more room in your travel budget


4. Explore the world from home 

Resources for the expat, including books to read for the global parent, schooling options explained, help in understanding your third culture kids and what life is really like on the road.

Build your global understanding

shop5. Shop

Looking for gifts to bring out the explorer in your child? Or investigating great gadgets to take on your trip? How above leaving presents for loved ones off to see the world? Or something to display your wanderlust at home?

Zika Virus: Information for pregnant travellers

Build the dreams you want to live

Please come join us in this shared adventure and help share the love with fellow travellers and expats – remember to press follow” after you’ve browsed our boards as new pins and boards go up every week as I continue to avidly search the web for the best family travel and expat resources to bring you!
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Do you have a great Pinterest board or person that you follow who you’d like to share too? Post a link to the board below! 


  • Hi Keri

    I have just discovered Pinterest last month – and have become slightly addicted! Now to get into blogging – which I had put off since the start of the year, and finally launched in August – its like all these things you just have to start and then see how you get on.

    Love love your boards, thank you for putting them together and for helping us expats all over the world, to whom travelling on a plane becomes so familiar, and yet so unpredictable!


    Really glad to have found you

  • I love Pinterest too and am already following you. I agree with your reasons for encouraging people to follow! My boards cover travel and food with a focus on France particularly my area in the south but by no means exclusively if you’re interested https://www.pinterest.com/loumessugo/

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