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I have officially been blogging for 2 years! I can’t believe it was that long ago since our family adventure in Vietnam; the trip where the light really switched on that we COULD still undertake adventurous travel even with our children in tow and we COULD share our adventures to encourage others to do the same.  

I had a finance blog at the time that I will admit was going no where fast, so with great enthusiasm and with baby number 3 in the oven – Baby Globetrotters was created!

(AND updated to our fresh new look “Our Globetrotters” in 2016 on our third anniversary!)

Creating Confident World travellers at Our Globetrotters

I’ll confess at the start of my blogging journey I was a bit clueless.  My stories and pictures sat there in their sparkling glory but were unread, unloved, just waiting for someone to click on them (not even my mum; my folks are pretty IT illiterate!)

When the penny finally dropped (and the night feeds slowed down…)  I realised I wasn’t getting the traffic and the interaction I was after as I hadn’t truly made the investment in my blog that it needed.

If I was going to truly transform Our Globetrotters into a useful resource for the everyday family who wanted to be inspired to keep travelling after kids, there was sooo much more I needed to be doing!!!

Discovering Travel Blog Success was really that breakthrough.

I had dabbled in other blogging networks but let’s be honest;  as soon as the word “family” comes up you get drawn into the perpetual cycle and label of “mummy blogging” where group discussions generally range from baking brownies to the best brands of laundry soap.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some brilliant and very humourous Mummy Bloggers out there who have made remarkably good livings for themselves and have massive followings talking about nappy blow outs and toddler tantrums, but none of it I really felt was moving me forward with my niche. TRAVEL!!!!

***Changes to Travel Blog Success – sale to Superstar Blogging***

NOTICE: As of January 2018 Travel Blog Success course described in this article has now merged with SuperStar Blogging – run by travel blogging legend Nomadic Matt.

All TBS students have been transferred to this new course and all links given here in this course review now re-direct to SuperStar Blogging.  New students can now no longer access TBS as it is set out below but we will be reviewing SuperStar Blogging shortly to let you know if it’s as good (or I suspect even better!) than TBS.

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You can check it out for yourself here ->>NEW SUPERSTAR BLOGGING COURSE FOR TRAVEL BLOGGERS<–

Why should you join Travel Blog Success?

I’m guessing if you’ve read this far you’re interested in travel blogging and sharing your adventures with the world too!

The first question any wannabe blogger should ask themselves is, what do they want to get out of their blog?

If you’re happy with just a handful of friends reading about your adventures then there are many simple and free blogging tools (which I will cover in a later article).  For me though, when I realised people were starting to listen and my blog was more than just my random mummy musings, I knew I needed some help to move from hobby blog to business.  

If you want to make money from your travel blog and be heard, read on!

Here are the 5 greatest benefits I have found from joining not just a training course but a professional network like Travel Blog Success:

1. Build Personal Confidence

Everything you think you’re doing right or positive you’re doing wrong, you’re probably correct! It helps have someone tell you though – and put some real facts and numbers against it.

2. Join Discussions

Being a paid up member of a community gives you links to otherwise inaccessible discussion groups.  Working from home (or on the road) you can really start to lose that personal connection, joining a group like Travel Blog Success puts you back in the conversation and mixing with your peers, even if it’s online.

3. Get Discounts

A few months back I made the big leap of going “self-hosted”, getting my web hosting at 40% off!  TBEX conference tickets are also 20% and many other specials that will help the hip pocket when you are setting up.

4. Gain Engagement

Want to see more engagement and discussion happening on your blog posts and social media? I bet your fellow bloggers do too!  Join in with relevant link parties and social media share days (there is a separate Facebook group that has been spawn from TBS for this specific purpose). These sharing groups are only as good as you put in, so join a group with a reasonable number of participants and make sure if you’re joining a share thread you have the time to comment and join in with others too.

Little Passports Subscription Review

5. Be inspired

My fellow bloggers have plenty of fabulous things to say and share too – not forgetting its ultimately all about the travel!! Many of the bloggers are not in my particular niche but doesn’t mean I haven’t learnt a huge amount from them and gotten joy and inspiration from reading their blogs too.

I don’t know where this blog would be now without TBS.  It wasn’t so much the E-course (which was very comprehensive) but the care and attention that its founders and administrators give to their customer; they are not just selling you an off the shelf product and sitting back and watching the money come in, they are genuinely assisting the travel community to find their spot.

Travel Blog Success

Want to know exactly what you get?


The main course

A well researched and structured 6 module course with 47 lessons covers everything from the foundations and technicalities of how to build a blog, creating content, developing traffic and the important bit that most bloggers want to know, how do I make money??!!  There are an additional dozen or so articles that have been added after the main course covering a few more social media and branding topics.

The Perks

A big attraction for me was some of their member perks.  There are deals and (significant) discounts from some very helpful resources including 99 Designs, HostGator, BlueHost, WooThemes and more.  If you are still at the building stage of your blog you will find these discounts essential!


Although they are not regularly being held these days (or at a time slot I can attend!), there is an extensive library of Webinars to delve into with some of the industries most respected names providing advice on topics from pitching press trips to creating podcasts; many more hours of educational resources for new and experienced bloggers.

New courses

TBS constantly moves with the times and as demand requires it, they are adding extra courses, covering certain subjects in greater detail.  Their latest addition include Bloggers to Bylines: A guide to Freelance Writing which I am currently turning my hand to, as well as Videography for Travel Bloggers (an area I haven’t delved into yet, largely for the fact I never have a hand free when I’m travelling for a camera let alone a video camera!). Released in 2016 A Guide to Successful Partnerships.

10 family adventurers you need to follow this summer

(Update January 2018: These partner courses are no longer for sale via TBS or Superstar Blogging, but you can contact the original course owners via the links above.  They will assit you with how you can now purchase these niche training materials)

Opportunities board

Exclusively available to members, the opportunity board contains links for everything from VAs required to guest post call-outs, tourism board requests, even PAID jobs!!  Many are exclusive opportunities to TBS members.

Facebook community

For me the best part is without a doubt the SECRET FACEBOOK GROUP. By invitation only its by far one of my most helpful resource for understanding whats going on in the industry, seeing questions from fellow bloggers (that almost always you have asked yourself!) and hearing about opportunities.

There’s a real range of bloggers from newbies to the industries big hitters who all happily share their knowledge.  Even if you only skim through the course, connecting with other bloggers through the Facebook group and opportunities board can be worth their own weight in gold.

(Update January 2018: The secret groups still exists but currently is not accepting new members which is a shame, this was the real asset of joining this course; we hope this is something that will be fully replicated on Superstar Blogging)

Whether you are just getting started with a travel blog or looking for an engaged community of travel blogger Travel Blog Success is definitely the course for you – absolutely worth the investment to professionalize your blog

Start your own blog and learn from the best at Travel Blog Success | OurGlobetrotters.Net

 For those interested specifically in the family travel niche, you are welcome to join the closed Facebook discussion group – Family Travel – ideal for sharing ideas, asking questions, getting feedback on new posts and collaborating with fellow family travel bloggers in a friendly environment.

Looking for hosting too?  We Recommend BlueHost

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links; If you do sign up for Superstar Blogging or its predecessor the Travel Blog Success course or BlueHost after reading this post we will receive a small commission which helps to keep to keep Our Globetrotters running for the family travel community, this does not impact on the price you pay. We only recommend products and services we have used and trust.  You can see more of our trusted reviews on our resources page.

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  • What a brilliant article – as a newbie family travel blogger it’s great to hear your story and these pointers are absolutely invaluable, I shall definitely be joining up! Thank you for sharing!

    • Brilliant Amanda. Of all the blogging resources I have drawn on so far – free and paid this is definitely the one that’s proven most valuable

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